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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I feel whitty... oh so whitty...

Where to begin...
Mothers Day.. My first, I wanted breakfast in bed. Something simple, eggs? Cereal? bagel? Nothing big or spectacular. We didn't do breakfast, I did get two cute cards, one from Miss T and one from Big Daddy.. Bob's card was really funny.. I cracked up.
On the outside it has a chicken with really long legs and says "A Mothers Day Riddle" and the Chicken says "Why did the mom cross the road?"
Inside it says "No one could tell, really. She was mumbling something to herself about peace and quiet. She circled the block a couple of times and came back a lot happier"
Hmmm??? I don't get it... HA!!
So, for dinner... Bob went and got 2 steaks, and 4 Russian King Crab legs and grilled them up with veggies, yellow tomato, asparagus, and two kinds of mushrooms. Also, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and pears, and cheesecake lolly pops (good but not worth the price next time), two different B&J ice creams, and a cookie cake from Dierbers. Aww, romance with a baby monitor in the center of the table. Who needs candles? Taryn of course is a fan of the romance too, she didn't want to miss it, she was happy for all of 45 seconds.
We are slowly surviving the sugar coma! Kidding, it's been a few days and thankfully most of it is still around. I gave the neighbors most of the cookie cake.. No thanks to Rebekah and Aiden..they didn't even make a dent!
We may have talked daddy into that the day before with our new outfit. We are not sure it made an impact on him, he only took four THOUSAND pictures while she had it on!

Well, we had our two month Dr. visit and little Miss is on the map. She's almost 12 lbs already. I can't believe it but I will have guns like RB by the time she's six months like Aiden.. Ya baby!
All went well with the shots and confirming we have the Thrush, ugg. Not so fun and we got meds and thankfully early on. Dr said its slight but no need to not take the meds, they will help. I need to get some yogurt too so I can keep fighting this thing with help from the natural resources we have everyday.
Taryn had her first bottle, did I say that before? Well, I can't pump for a few days, they said wait 4 to 5 days from the LLL. I figure it's a good idea and we have so much frozen it's not a bad idea to dip into our month 1 supply anyway if needed. I got a sterilizer from Thanks Grannie Sandy and Auntie Katie for the gift cards... Came in handy. I am for sure a fan to sterilize everything going forward and it was worth the money in the end, we are going to try to stay with the BF as long as we can. Our little moose seems to be doing quite well with it so far.
I loaded some pictures on the Flickr site too, I know, I know I need to go Pro on there so I can do more with it but I just have not gotten around to doing it yet. Bla bla Bla..
Cell phone photos of the week!
So, I put on my same brown Born's that I have been wearing from October and went for a walk with Rebekah, (her idea so she could have some cookie and not feel bad about it) and got the hugest blister of my life.. Yes, it's gross but I am going to show you just because, well 1. its my blog and I can do what I want to and 2 because Tracey said she's never heard of anyone getting a blister in the center of their foot before. Good enough reasons.. if not skip over the next ones are pretty good.

I went to Walgreen's because someone needed her own items for around the house. Taryn needed her own head and shoulders because her scalp is still so dry and peeling. (Not sure if she would rather get that or the jeep from her dad! HA, don't tell him I said that, if he reads it well, we are all in trouble) but while there I got the BIGGEST thing of Smarties in the whole WORLD! Angie just ruined her keyboard drooling over this!

Stef and Adam are going to be so proud, Taryn is wearing her tye dye that they got her. Cute little hippie sleeping. Surprised it didn't' come with a beer and a dead cd... kidding

Here's the two hippies together. Ok, please look at that kids face. I LOVE THAT SAD POUT. It's going to get her a lot if not most of what she wants from her father for most of her life but it's cute and not such a bad thing now.

That's about it from here, I can't think of much else that's going on. This weekend is brunch with Bob's mom and sisters, I am bringing Miss Thing because none of them have seen her yet, so she will wow them with her cuteness of course. More to come. P.S. don't forget to look at the flickr shots and there will be a post soon for people to post comments to Taryn, I want to get a few in from people for her book. Take your time, think of something brilliant and funny.

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