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Friday, May 9, 2008

Where have you been all week?

Wow, it's been a week from my last post, you would think I was busy or something. Well, Auntie Lisa came in mid week so Grannie came over Tuesday night so we could go to the air port and not be frazzled by the time we picked her up. It was a nice brunch with the 4 of us, even if T and I did end up in the car for a feeding during. We went to TJ's and picked up the necessary items for dinner and breakfast the next few mornings. Good idea, we picked up a lot of needed things for the house too. Made me think if I didn't have T what kinds of running we would have done, there is a big bookstore across the street from the TJ's so we would have gone there for sure and who knows what else. I was glad she was there, there were no fights on who sat in back with her or anything. I showed Grannie how to make spaghetti squash before she left and Auntie watched and may have learned something too. It's my only signature recipe so I was glad to show them.
Grannie left mid afternoon and Auntie made us an awesome supper of salmon and pasta YUM.. She calls it Salmon and lemon pepper pappardelle. It was really good, fast and I now have the recipe and may be able to make it myself one of these days and am not afraid of shallots anymore. We had a great visit with 2 trips out with Miss T and both were a few hours long and we did fine. I am getting better at nursing in public too, not as afraid of it as I was before, the clips I made helped too, I may end up selling them. I would hate for people not to have them and they help me so maybe they can help others. I am hooked on them.
Heres a new picture that my mom took and we have all fallen in love with. It may give Grannie the confidence that she's getting better at this picture taking business! Isn't it cute!! I love it.. I wish I would have had it on Weds, for the free picture day from Walgreen's but I didn't get it because I didn't have the picture then, but I did get the thumbs up one below (last weeks post) so thats ok, but this one I am going to have to get prints of, it's just too cute to pass up!
So, we went to Kohls and did so much running around and talking about clothes that I came home wondering and had to try on my pre-preggo pants and oh my gosh, they fit.. Ok not like a glove but I got them on, up buttoned and zipped.. I am glad, I need to start doing more but at least the things I am doing are working. I feel better even thou I get on the scale and it's not really moving like I want it to. Yes, I know time and patience.. I would love to hear from some of the breastfeeding moms to know what they did to lose the weight or if it really just FELL off like people say. How much time you have or had to give it too. I am thinking my Christmas I should be in a good size again and that would be great. I am trying to figure out when I am going to be able to go to the gym too.. Gosh, what a crazy time to want/need to go work out.. I can do this..
remind me ok, I am going to need to hear it


krgans said...

She gets cuter everyday!

Jennifer (JH) said...

HI...She is very cute!!! I just wanted to let you know Amber had her baby on April 30th (3 weeks early). Don't have a home e-mail so I couldn't send pictures. Hope all is well with you!!!! Miss having you at work.