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Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a weekend...

running and I watched Bring It On, something the third one, with the chick from Heroes. I have a weakness for dance movies, I have no idea why but it was cute and T was antsy so we danced a bit during the end. Auntie Lisa got us hooked on House so we watched Disc 1 of season 2, she even got Granny hooked so sheWe had such a nice family weekend this weekend. Little Miss was feeling better and it was chilly and windy on Saturday so we stayed in and watched Netflix all weekend. We saw Juno, it was cute but not as good as the reviews and what we expected. Bob left for a while to do some was finishing up season 1 at home so I had to brag a bit that we Netflix-ed it first. The only disappointment was that there are only 4 on a cd now, and Season 1 had double sided discs, I liked that better.
Sunday it was nice, Bob let me sleep and the two kids played on the mat for about an hour while I got to sleep until 8:45 we got up and Taryn did not go back to sleep for a good nap until almost 4:30. It was a long day, but still good. I got some sewing done and Bob got my willow straightened back out in the back yard with new stakes. The dogwood is blooming and BEAUTIFUL! Taryn and I went for a walk and there is something about me taking care of me and of her that's helped my allergies. I am not sure what it is but I can smell the trees and the grass and the spring this year. I am not rubbing my eyes every fifteen seconds and that was about the best part, until Taryn started SCREAMING as we were coming down the street. She was so tired and just would not relax. So, we came in,put some lotion on and tried to get some down time, in the pappasan where I got this cute shot.

I love it. I think she's giving me the thumbs up on my taggie blanket!

Here are the three I made, well, the mini one is for the little girl across the street. She loves Taryn and so I told her I would make her baby a matching Taggie as Taryn and her friend Kat will both have. The big ones are actually bigger than normal, but thats ok, they are SO SOFT!

I am on this TV kick recently where I am noticing things that I have not before. Long story short, I babysat every wendsday night for about 2 years for this woman that bowled, well there were two shows that I started watching and did the whole time I babysat, Doogie Houser, and Thirtysomething. Either or, does anyone watch Brothers and Sisters, does it seem like the cast from Thirtysomething is joining Brothers and Sisters? is it just me?

Time for dinner, we didn't realize the time and lost track so we are getting take out mexican! YUM!! This place is amazing and have the best soft tacos around. I am so excited, I had no desire for Mexican when I was pregnant and I love El Vaquaro so I am glad we are getting it.. ohh k.. bye!!

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