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Friday, May 16, 2008

No hassle for the HOFF?????

My mother had a "Jack Hannah" Experience taking a picture of a turtle, this started a really funny story that I want to share.

The morning Auntie Lisa got in town we were leaving for the air port to pick her up. I backed out of the drive way to see a turtle perfectly under the car very close to the tire. I was shocked that I didn't him him and gasped and told my mom (sitting in the back seat with the baby of course) to take a look. She leaped out of the car to take it's picture and stood by the car door zooming her camera. I then advised her that it would not bite nor run away and she could go for a closer look. The above picture is the one of George, we named him before we left. The little girl up the street also ran down to grab George and put him in her back yard before she missed the bus. Finally, I loaded up the photos on Flickr the other day. There was George, it was funny but two things happened.
First, someone in Latin America set the picture as his favorite within minutes of me loading them and Second happened the next morning, I called my mother and told her to sit down. I explained that she was famous, just like David Hassellhoff and even if he was not big in the US he was HUGE in Germany and her photos were the same.
I got an e-mail from my Flickr account that stated:
I very much like your boxturtle picture and i like to ask permission to use it on a forum in Holland/Belgium

She took a moment,
then advised she had no idea who
David was
and would need to google him..

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