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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random thoughts from an Oatmeal Addict...

My sister came in town and made this whole grain breakfast oatmeal with dried cherries and brown sugar. I have eaten it every day still! I am officially out and almost out of cherries too. I eat this every day in my dollar store bowl, I make it all up except the water) the night before and tuck it in a big zip lock bag and then it's all set for me to pour in the water the next morning and I am good to go.
Taryn is being really good this morning. She's playing in her Jungle Gym with all her best friends.. She loves the Lamaze toys, she has a peacock, a moose, a firefly, and a giraffe, and they clip on the gym perfectly and are so bright and fun, she just talks to them all the time.
Have I mentioned I am not ready to go back to work yet? I'm not.

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MJ said...

So nice T and Lola have something in common! I am really glad she loves the toys..