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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What a deal!!! And What a ROOM!!

For some reason I started garage saling last year and have fallen in love with it. I get little things all the time, I got the swing for the baby for $10, an extra pack n play for the babysitters, and random here and there things including 3 boxes of fabric that have come in handy over the past year or so. In more recent news I have started looking on Craigs List more. I like it, you have to be careful and meet the person in a public place where you can make sure you are safe but really you can get things you need and help out someone trying to get rid of things they don't. Heres my great deal from today. I got 21 items for $20. Over half are brand new, tags still on, some come with hats and spanky pants or bloomers, and one even came with shoes!
The first picture is the dresses and outfits. The one in the back with the hat and the ladybugs is so cute, the one to the far right in the back came with the shoes. The overalls are from the gap, they are so cute and the white one in the front on the right has a little fairy on it, came with a hat and T may wear it on Monday.
The second picture is the onsies and casual wear, the blue's clues yellow outfit came with little spanky pants with ruffles, and next to it in the pink it says Strawberries and Cherries", there is also a set of onsies that are a total duplicate of itself, (the butterflies) and the last picture is an outfit I got for a buck at a garage sale for Stefanie and Adam. Goes with the room theme, which I have photos of below.. Check it out and they did this all FREE HAND!!

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krgans said...

I love the room. Who did the Cat in the Hat?