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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Congrats? Ice pack?

So, we had our first all night sleep last night, well Taryn did, I didn't. Taryn went to bed around 10:30 last night and slept until FOUR THIRTY! Can you believe it? Ya, neither could I and that's why I was checking on her so much. I even woke Bob and said, SHE'S NOT WAKING UP! in my best freaked out whisper. He said to calm down and she's fine and he even checked on her himself and said she's fine and will wake up when she's hungry. Yes, 4:30 so that was good, too bad I didn't get to sleep that well too! She then went back down at 5:00 (and she almost never does that) and slept till 7:30.. This is a first! Normally when daddy leaves for work it's all over and we are all up and not really going or awake.... Yawn... Oh, did I mention that I could also no longer sleep on my sides because I was so full from her good night sleep. I didn't pump but if I would have known she would stay down, I would have. Guys make those "kick stand" cracks, but no, girls can't, it's way too painful and sleeping on my back sounded like such a good idea when I could not do it, but I really love sleeping half on my side and half on my stomach and missed it so much that it's sad when I can't do it now.
So, that was really good news, then she fed every 2 hours this afternoon and would not go to sleep tonight even after a bath!... Finally by 10:30 tonight she went back to sleep, almost napless today, she didn't stay down for over 15 minutes at a time, unless she was held and after you hit the 10 lb mark, that's hard to do.
Picture day tomorrow, I will load some on here and flickr.. I know, slacker..
I have the cutest one in her jeans, and in the outfit that Rebekah got for her, well us from the shower.. Cute!

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krgans said...

Okay I still check on Thomas at night.... and he is 3!!!!.
Glad she is doing well.