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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Questions for Moms -

Question 1 -
What did you do to get your routine down to go back to work?

Question 2 -
Breastfeeding moms- What did you find you could not eat? How long did it take you to figure out?

Question 3 -
What kept you awake when you didn't get any sleep?

Question 4-
What is the one thing that you would like a new mom to know?


Z's Mom said...

A#1: You take it day by day. Taryn will go through a different phase every few weeks. You just adapt. Try to get a nighttime routine though, for me, that still helps.
A#2:I could pretty much eat what I wanted....don't eat broccoli 'em gas.(You will know this within a few hours)
A#3: Zander kept me awake, that's why I didn't get any sleep. You gotta nap when they do. Unfortunately, you learn to cope with very little sleep..or "interrupted" sleep.
A#4: Good question! You will get LOTS of advice...take of it what you want and dump the rest. No 2 babies are the same - you gotta do what works for you! Some moms have some really good tips, but some sell it to you like its the only thing that will work for you. Not true, it is the only thing that worked for their baby. Oh, and if you wake up suddenly and wonder where you put your baby or if your pregnancy was just a, I've polled other moms and that seems to be normal in a sleep deprived state. It'll pass. The 1st year flies by and you will soon forget how tired you are right now. They grow up way too fast.

krgans said...

1. You will get your routine down after a couple of weeks back. you have to see what will be best for you.

2. I never breastfeed so that is out for me.

3. Your body will learn to adjust, but you still need to try and nap right now when she does..

4. What I want you to know is that everyday is different. You will have ups and downs. There will be illness, there will be tears and there will be laughter. But know that you are not the only one that has dealt with this and you have all of us to help you through it.

Z's Mom said...

For #2 I thought of something else last night. When I ate chocolate, Zander would get these little episodes where his lip and chin would shake or quiver. It took me a LONG time to realize this was related to chocolate, actually my mom put it all together. It was starting to concern me because he was getting to the age where he should have outgrown that spontaneous quivering. I thought there was something wrong...but it was just the chocolate.