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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Met the Sitter..

Tonight Bob and I went and met the sitter, that we have now agreed is the sitter.. She's really nice, cute, tiny, has a nice house, good set up for kids and gets them set for preschool. I am very excited, I really wanted at home care and I like her... wonder if she'll let us call her Weezie? It will remind me of my sitter, ok not so much, mine raised dogs and babysat...
Bad news, my fricking headache is back. Not sure why, I think I may be eating/drinking too much sugar from the lack of sleep. I am going to start on natural juices and foods tomorrow and see what will help. We took our first outing today, went to Target to pick up the good stuff, conditioner, soap, all the good stuff. I got some burp cloths to get ready for the sitters house, I just need to put Taryn's name on them this weekend when I have the sewing room and I can take the time to put everything together, maybe Grandma Sally will help me with it before she goes.
Melissa and Chris are going to come out on Thursday, that should be fun. Not a whole lot else, I am just loading up some photos on my walgreens site so we can print a few out. Technology today, makes it so easy to take pictures of your kids...

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