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Monday, April 7, 2008

Bikini Weather here we come!

Well, we went to the Dr. today. All is well and Taryn is a good color, has a bit of dry skin still but lotion is helping, has gained back all of her weight and then some (this is good) is now an extra inch and a half taller and the Dr put medicine on her umbilical cord to help it dry more, he said it was doing well but had so much nutrients in it that it was still thriving. Ya, sounded kinda gross to me too. But he put silver nitrate on it to help it dry faster and we talked for a while about how well the feedings were going and that next time we go in we will need shots. This is all good, we are doing well.
We came home (grandma went with us) and all needed a bit of a nap after lunch. It's funny, I remember going to the Dr as a kid and my mom always took me to Arby's after for lunch or we went to get ice cream. Well, this was trauma for the momma so Grandma and I went to Arby's and got my favorite chicken salad wraps and potato cakes. Yum! We also went to Fritzes for ice cream for later, I got the peach & raspberry then out of no where... Grandma Sally gets Carmel and Toffee! I have to admit hers was good but mine was too. We all took a nap then watched Season 1 of house, at least 4 or 5 of them and didn't do much the rest of the night. Had some Musgo's and hung out with daddy when he got home. Taryn did a lot of sleeping, she was in the Dr's office naked for close to an hour and he messed with her quite a bit, even if he is a really nice guy, that's a lot to take for 2 weeks old. So, around 10 her last feeding then ready for bedtime, daddy took Taryn upstairs and was going to rock her to sleep and went to change her diaper and there it was, dangling, the umbilical cord already... Who knew that stuff would work so fast. It was so sad, you could tell it hurt, she was not wanting to lay on her stomach .. Of course I felt bad and of course I cried , this is my poor baby that has been through so much in her two weeks here. I have to admit, I am glad it's gone, this makes her life so much easier, I know that when I have had a scab or a sore it's always better once it's gone, this will make tummy time easier and all kinds of other things, like wearing pants...
Watch out summer, here we come!

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krgans said...

Glad things are going well. Each day will get better and better.