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Friday, April 18, 2008

I feel the earth move, under my bed...

Well, Taryn is getting to be pretty consistent with her night times she will sleep two solid 4 hour blocks then she plans a bit of awake time so if you can get her to bed about 10 or 11 your good till 6 ish the next morning, but this night, last night she decided to crash around 8. Not so good if you think about the 4 hour block takes her to midnight then the next to four am. Yep, that's what we did, so around 4:35 when I was trying to trick her into going back to bed because it was still dark out, I laid her back down and laid in bed waiting for the cry or sleep that was going to come within the next few moments. Then it came, this big rumbling sound out of no where, we get a lot of helicopters and planes that fly around at night so I was thinking that's what it was... nope, all of a sudden the bed started shaking like Bob was shaking his foot or leg or something, so I grabbed his hand and said what are you doing? He woke up to say nothing then I got freaked out and said "What is that!" Ya, I was freaking a bit at this point, Taryn started to cry a little and I just grabbed her without waiting for the full on cry like normal. I then said again to Bob, WHAT IS THAT! and he jumped out of bed and looked out the window to see that no trees were blowing. He got up and went out in the hall way and I am not sure where, Taryn and I stayed in bed just waiting for some sign or signal of what to do next. Not sure that was the best idea but there was nothing above us that could fall on us except the light fixture and I was watching that.. After a few moments things calmed down and we all went back to bed, nope scratch that, Bob went back to bed. Taryn continued to laugh at me and tell me she had already had her 8 hours and she was not going back to bed. Well, Bob could still get a half hour in before having to go to work so I took Taryn down stairs so he could get some shut eye. As soon as we got down there and I got her calm the alarm went off. Great.. just what I needed.. I tried to ignore it but there was little chance of that, so I just sat there and listened to everyone in the house sleep thru 20 minutes of BEEB BEEB BEEB BEEB BEEB ... ya, you get it. Bob then got up shut everything off and went to work. I of course could not sleep the night before so I was not asleep before 1 and with the midnight feeding ending then I had to get myself together to go to sleep after so that morning rest was nice and we slept in until 7:30. Too bad I woke to my back aching... Oh well, we got over that and went about our day, came up stairs Taryn had some breakfast and I laid in bed trying to relax not on a love seat. We both fell back to sleep (thank you Lord) and got to get a nap in from 8:45 until the aftershock went off around 10 something. I again wake to the bed shaking and this time my cell phone going off with 6 messages of "did you feel that!?!?!?!" Freaky!
I always wondered what an earthquake felt like and I guess it's about the same as Bob getting a twitch.. Kidding..
In other news, Taryn had her first tummy time nap yesterday. Call me names, it's fine but I don't lay her on her tummy and leave her that way so while I checked in at work she slept on the floor next to me after she wore herself out during tummy time. Also in the cutest outfit from Molly and Mhena.
Pictures tomorrow, my camera is dead..

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