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Sunday, April 20, 2008

100 POSTS!!! Wow, I new I talked a lot but this is crazy!

I can't believe it's not been a year yet and I have 100 posts already. I shoulda baked a cake or something.. But lets do something silly instead. I have a ton of pictures in my phone that I have taken over the past year and or pregnancy and Taryn's lifetime. Lifetime in a word seems really long even if you are almost a month old. Aww the memories, also, there is a good possibility I could be injured for any number of the below photos... so if you are not a fan, let me know and I will remove the picture in question, (if it's you and you have a valid reason)
Lets get started...

The day I found out I was pregnant, I was at the Hilliard's and this is the park that we went to, with a little mini labyrinth. We had a good time and I taught the girls how to shoot weeds :D it was fun.

You can't get a veggie, / blackMy favorite meal while on vacation, craved it the whole pregnancy. bean and rice burger here that looks as good as this one. It was chargrilled and AWSOME!!!

Came back to the longest garage sale in history and 6 weeks pregnant didn't help me, but it seemed to wear everyone out. This was also the weekend I was told how swollen I looked. :|

really cute skirt that I made Maxine and there is an adult size one for Abbie too but I never got a picture of that one.. and I can't figure out how to not make this one sideways... hmmmm

First ultrasound, we went to grab a drink after, this is the biggest root beer float ever.. and she drank the whole thing!

Our sewers backed up at home.. Not a fun night to listen to the city blow someones yard out of the sewer and stupid of the neighbor to shove all his grass in the drain but what can you do.

Halloween when we found out she is a girl and this is how we told the kids in the neighborhood.

Aunt Lisa came in and made crab cakes (YUM!!) and yes I did have to take a picture. they were good!

Registering,,, aww how fun, and no one ever got Taryn this shirt. Good thing, she decided to take a cab anyway!

Christmas, Aww the good times making cookies.

Emilie had Kat (hi-a cutie!!) and Rebekah had Aiden (also cutie but not pictured because I didn't have my phone with me when I saw him!)

The crazy people decorated with everything (again) this is a yearly event.

Emilie moved and this is just an example of her life being turned upside down... Oh she's gonna kill me for this one..

Chad almost made it to State for wrestling, then his mom beat him...

We tried to go to pregnancy and birthing classes but it just kept snowing!

Then, she finally got here... YA!!!

We made it home, even with Daddy's driving on 40.

And we get cuter every day... :D

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