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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rash Decisions....

Well, we went to the Dr this morning, we thought we had a case of heat rash yesterday but it didn't go away and when we called the Dr at 9:20 they made time for us at 10:10 so we ran up there real quick not knowing what was the matter.
Taryn has her first flu... We went to a baby shower this weekend and there were lots of people there but you never know where it came from. She got it in the form of a rash which is no fun at all and the Dr (not ours, he's off on Weds) said that it's common and can last anywhere from 2 to 3 days and she has seen it last up to 3 weeks!
YIKES! This is the rash so far, not so much fun, so we have been doing very little sleeping durng the day unless mommy is around. Every time she goes in her bed it's 5 minutes or less then she's up. Not always unhappy, just up.

This picture was taken right after I got her calmed down so her skin is really pale and the spots are standing out a lot. We got cream on and lotion all day and then a nice long bath and more cream, so we are in better shape now than when this shot was taken, and our arms do not look as bad as they did in the photo...
In better news..

P.S. Yesterday we got our first smile on film.. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!


Melissa J said...

I do love the picture!!

Anonymous said...

Wow her eyelashes are so long! Too cute!!

--auntie lisa