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Monday, April 28, 2008

Postcards from the edge...

Taryn got her first post card today, addressed to her. So, first post card and first mail just for her today from Uncle Mark from CHINA! We are going to look at the post card tomorrow and China on the wall. It's all very exciting stuff.
I have really been in the mood to sew lately, I finished up the blanket and Stefanie and Adam loved it! I am waiting to either take pictures of their room or have them send me some so I can post them. They are both so amazing and I can't wait to meet Jeremiah! Their shower was this weekend (the one I could go to!) it was so much fun but Miss T slept thru the WHOLE THING, it was so loud and bright and she slept like her mother did when she was little and Aunt Lisa was getting ready for school. They even have this really cool friend that plays the guitar and he was playing and singing and people were singing along and, nope, nada, nothing she was out. Well, we ended up staying a few hours and I needed to get her fed and well, forgot the keys to grandma's house so we got our first feeding in a car/public (ish) place and well Miss T does not like to have her head covered. We found that out the hard way the other day when we went for a walk and put a hat on her. Not a happy camper with a blanket over her head either, not enough looking around space. Well, it all worked out in the end and gave me an idea of something to make to help us both out next time we are in public.
Grandma is not here this week, we are all alone but next week Aunt Lisa Poppins is coming in and we are very excited! The bed has been taken apart and the sheets are being washed and put back on the fold out, and we even talked Grandma into coming out to go to the airport with us to pick up and go hang out for the day. I am so excited, I really want a picture of the gals all together, it's going to be so much fun.
This week, I am sewing like mad, I got a bit of a hang of the bias tape maker and have edged some towels, even gave Stef and Adam a few that I made with the blanket. I am going to finish some burp cloths and those will be for the sitters house.

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