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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quiet around here...

So we've been home for a week now (and a day) and it's been really quiet, not a lot of phone calls and not a lot of guests. I am surprised, we have only heard from a few of the siblings on each of our sides and few visitors. I guess everyone's giving us time to get in a groove but it's been so quiet and maybe I am just pushy.
All in all things are good, I need to load the photo site in the blog so we can load up more pictures. Grandma Sandy came over today and made us dinner, pasta with olive oil and fresh squash, sun dried tomatoes and carrots. It was really good and healthy, she also got an apple tart from Trader Joe's' and it was really really good too! It was a nice visit over all and we got to spend some quality time with Grandma Sandy which is always nice and she's always on the run. I am so glad she got out here and Taryn is too, she is actually almost as big as Grandma Sandy and Grandma Sally already. Should not be too long before she does pass them up.
We are going to do a test run tomorrow to see if I can handle going to the Dr with Taryn on Monday. I will carry the car seat to the car with Taryn in it and hook her in and drive (from here to the Dr's office) or wherever and check on the drive and how I do with the belly and all lifting and moving on our own so Bob won't worry so much on Monday when he has to work.
Hope all is well with everyone, we had a pretty long night last night but today was a good day and we were all bright eyed for a lot of the afternoon. Hope this helps with sleep tonight and we can all get a little rest, even if mommy wakes up every hour to make sure things are going well.

We are getting there..Here's a few cute pictures from Grandma Sally's visit last week.

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Anonymous said...

Let us know what are good times to call. I have been wanting to, but I always think one or the other of you will be sleeping and I'll disrupt everyone.

Glad it's going so well. Can't wait until I can get to STL to meet Taryn.

Auntie Lisa