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Monday, November 10, 2008

Temper Temper

Oh sigh...
we had our first Temper Tantrum last night. It was over a vanilla wafer, which all in all, I can see happening, they are pretty good.
So, we had a LONG day, and a LONGER weekend. Miss T and I both had this snot thing going on, which I am sure was really nice for daddy... So, Sunday, she decided naps were optional and decided to take few of them.
Long story short, we ended up taking our bath at 6 on Sunday because there was a lot of snot and Flem and I thought that would help a little. After the bath, it was time for dinner and so T and I headed downstairs while daddy finished a few things up on the computer. We had sweet potato's, apple sauce and cereal, this was not the optimum meal, and because we were tired, crabby and have had access to cookies all weekend after finishing meals this seemed to be the right thing to have for dinner. Of course I give in because she does not feel good and won't eat the rest of her meal and I want her to have something instead of being up 3 to 5 times last night.
Hand her a cookie, she takes it and SHOVES THE WHOLE THING in her mouth, this has never happened before. I take the cookie out of her mouth and say "bites, we have to take bites, that's too much cookie" and start to hand feed it back to her so she eats a little less. This caused Massive Melt down. Let me just say, this is NOT My daughter, she does not do this EVER... she is so low key and so laid back, I almost freaked a little. I felt so bad, knowing she didn't feel good and then I felt worse. I then decide I've given up, we are going to bed, it's not worth it. This caused an even worse melt down because I then took not only the cookie away but her water and the tray, how dare I. I know.
So, we head up stairs, me and screaming mimi herself. I walk past the room where Bob was on the PC and said, please fill her water (vaporizer) and he then thinks I am mad at him now too. Oh great, everyone has now started their period in this house, I then have to say "are you hearing this meltdown? I am not angry, I am worried." He then complies and she calms down when we get to (what Emilie calls) the "Milking Chair" after she calms down and eats then she's off to sleep.
Then it happens:
Wakes at 1 - Hungry
Wakes at 3 - Singing
Wakes at 5- Hungry (I work late this week so this was tons of fun for me)
Up from 5 on, Daddy leaves for work. We are sitting in bed and BAM! Major Meltdown again... Not so sure what is going on these days, but it was crazy, she needed 10 minutes of sleep before we left for the sitter at 6:45 then she was fine till after we left.

This ends at 17?


Lindsay said...

You poor things! I think I feel worse for you than her, because you have to deal with its after-effects (babies have a short memory at this age anyway). I'm guessing that her cold has made her so miserable that she's out of sorts. I'm always a little crabbier when I'm sick, too.

Looking back my daughter, who's also fairly easy going (but definitely opinionated) had her first temper tantrum at about 8 1/2 months, so she's probably on track! She's just learning what she does and does not like and letting you know it!

Jennifer said...

Oh no! Poor baby. Pickle certainly has tantrums like that--they're kind of funny though, aren't they!? I hope you all feel better soon!!

Susie said...

I know that my daughter is getting sick when her behavior starts to decline:-( This too shall pass...hang in there:-)