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Friday, November 14, 2008

I 7 it....(puke talk, you may wanna skip this one)

Yup. I ate it, I got sick and I got rid of it... oh HELL!! I really thought I was gonna die!!! I didn't know what to do with myself, I have never been that sick! Ok, I am sure as a kid I was that sick but seriously, I had to bang on the floor so Bob would bring me a bowl. I wanted my mom, I wanted to sleep on the bathroom floor and I wanted to be left alone to DIE!!
Carries kids had it and I am sure they wanted their mom too. What is it about throwing up that makes you want to share that?
Oh, ya, I slept holding on to a bowl, it was not "The bowl" but it was Tupperware none the less. Made me feel better that it was. I wanted "the bowl" I wanted My Mom but that didn't happen. My husband had the nerve to ask if I wanted him to call his mom... Come on.. She's not going to make me orange Jell0, she's not going to get me 7 up, she's not going to get me chicken soup and saltines... No way no how.. Please just let me die..
Thankfully, he did. He went to hang out with friends last night, talked to me during the 2 am feeding, and then went down stairs to watch dvds. I went back to bed and knew my stomach just didn't feel right. About 3ish, I woke up and it began..Oh, ya... it was so bad.. and oh, did I mention I was on the heaviest day of my period? ya, that makes all those muscle contractions so much better... then it started on the other end and I really wanted to die then.
Then Miss T woke up around 7 30 thankfully, NeeNee came out last night and kept her up until almost nine. She slept in and Bob took the monitor and got up with her, gave her a bottle, gave her breakfast, and stayed home on his day off when he had people in town to take care of the baby (the sitter was off today) so I could die in peace. The festivites ended around 10 30 and I slept until 3 off and on, sweating, cold, coughing, dry, but never did I have a feaver. I could finally keep a bit of water down around 4, and had some soup at 6. Bob got to go see his friends, T got some dinner and I am going to bed once I finish this post. I was suppose to meet this woman today and buy some antique buttons but that didn't happen...
I finally feel a little better, I can't believe how bad that was, I can't remember ever puking like that..


Susie said...

Oh my gosh!! You poor thing!! I sure hope you feel better tomorrow.

Lindsay said...

That stuff is really going around...

I remember the last time I felt like that. It was almost four years ago, and I was out of work for two days.

Sending some prayers your way, because we all know how it feels :( Hope you're feeling better!

Mamahut said...

You poor girl. Was it the flu or food? Either way feel better soon.