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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are you kidding me? **BMW Warning**

Ok, may not be as much of a BMW (Bitch, Moan, Whine) but I got home tonight to hear my husband say:

Can you make sure to put the toilet paper on the roll the other way, it's really hard for me to get some to wipe the baby's nose when it's like that.

Are you kidding me?? What part of !@#$@$%@$^%$%^ you @#$%@$%#$%^ don't you understand?? Who the @#$%@#$^ do you think cleans this #$%@#$ house. What the @#$%@#$^#$%^ is wrong with the @#$%@^%#%^#& box of tissue on the @#$%@^#$&% sink???

OK, fine I change the stupid toilet paper to go OVER the roll instead of under the roll. I know it's a stretch for him because in his bathroom it's NEVER ON THE ROLL!!!
"I sure hope that helps" Smile... grit my teeth....

Then the kicker... he ordered me a BRAND NEW DIGITAL CAMERA for our anniversary and it's been on back order and is super duper amazingly awesome!!!!

So, what do you call that??


Susie said...

I call that jealous!!! I want a super duper amazing camera too!!

Mamahut said...

Yeah, I need a new camera...tell hubby to chill on the t.p. Don't sweat the small stuff:~)

Just Call Me Sleep Deprived said...

OMG my boyfriend is obsessed with the toilet paper roll being the
"correct way" i never noticed but he gets so upset when its wrong.

Me and Mr. Man actually went at it tonight over the kitchen not being clean enough...GRRR....all i do is cook clean, study for law school and work on Get The Bean...I wanted to shove a bean where the sun don't shine :)

So i took a couple hours away from him, had a glass of wine and now I feel a little less pissed...MEN!!

Anyway I was stopping by to tell you I am working on getting a smaller button :)


Meaghan said...

woops i signed under my sisters blog!! Thats me...woops :)


Missy said...

Amen! I have been asked the same thing at one point too! Seriously! Men!

Aubrey said...

I think I would have to cut my hubby's tongue off for saying something like that. LOL

Ooooh! Can't wait until we can see your brand new camera! I bet you feel the same!

Lindsay said...

I can honestly say I don't have that argument. He's just happy if there's toilet paper ;)

I'm glad he made up for it with a cool camera. That's a rocking anniversary present; even more so since it was a surprise. (We're more of the "so what do you want" kind of people.)

Anonymous said...

Make up sex?

Anonymous said...

Don't wipe her little sensitive nose with need Puffs Plus!!!

Ooooh....I hope you get that camera soon!!! :)