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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh my Frickin HEAD!

So, I have been down for the count with a migraine for the past 2 days. Before that, daddy decided he needed to go camping this weekend before it got to crazy and cold.. HA! Sucka!! It poured Sunday morning like no one's business.
So long story short, Friday night I did not feel like going anywhere after I picked up Miss T. Daddy already left to go camping and it was a long week so I was just glad to be home. I made myself a cheese sandwich and some soup and was going to clean the kitchen and so I just put my cheese on a hogie roll and stuck it in the micro for a few seconds and started cleaning. Took the sandwich out and not paying any attention that it didn't feel so hot and took a bite and BAM! Burnt the H/E out of my lip, so bad that a layer of skin peeled off and I was Oh'ing and Ah'ing all over the kitchen rinsing off my lip while Miss T cracked up in her jeep.
We did our garage sale Saturday morning and I didn't have anything to sell. I should have never agreed to this, I should have never agreed to this!! What was I thinking.. Good thing my cousin is coming over. I am so not ready for this. What was I thinking???
I gather up a bunch of stuff to get rid of and set it all up out in the garage for the sale. Set up one of my tables and then go to bed. Up at 5 the next morning, get breakfast for Miss T then head down stairs. Put her in the pink Jeep in the garage on some cardboard boxes and let her run free. I set up my makeshift table, hang up the clothes and wave to the neighbors across the street that started this shindig... No coffee, no cousin. So I call, "hi, where are you? are you on your way?" then I hear it "um, my (super sweet stayed home this weekend) husband surprised me for our anniversary and had a whole day planned out, I won't be able to make it" oh shit.. now what? So, I tell her to have a good time and I am off and running on my own.
Thank GOD for the neighbors 7 year old that LOVE LOVE LOVES babies.. she was over most of the morning keeping Miss T occupied while we sat there in the humidity and got our minimal sales ( I would not have stopped at my own sale, there was not a lot) but we did end up selling $50 worth of stuff, and bought the neighbors toy box (step 2) and a little toy holder, with the plastic tubs, and a stroller (free) and some music toy that's really cute that plays Mozart and a set of sheets (strawberry shortcake) to make into PJ's for the Peanut.. a.k.a. Nudgy now.. (She's not a peanut anymore!)
Garage sale done and now it's time for a nap! Nope, no good naps all day, but we did a bath and then an early bedtime Saturday night, and then the rain came.. It rained so hard we thought Ike came for a visit himself! It was crazy. But, like always, my kid will sleep like no body's business when it rains, she gets that from me, and I get it from my mom...So, it was nice to sleep, and sleep in we both slept until close to 5 had some breakfast, and went back to sleep till 7. Got up and did some playing around and at 10 took a good 2+ hour nap, I took about an hour myself, needed, it was so nice. Got some things cleaned up and tried to get my swap stuff together to get sent out for this week (didn't happen, going to the post office today!) then I started feeling bad, then worse. I didn't know what was wrong, I had this headache that would not go away. Long story short, thankfully T didn't give me too much grief going to bed early Sunday night so I could do the same BUT... daddy called at 10 to tell me he was on his way, T got up at 11 for a snack, and again at 1, daddy got home at 2 and woke me to tell me he was home, T got up at 4 for breakfast, daddy woke at 5 and woke me to tell me he was getting in the shower. No sleep, big headache, oh there was no way I was going to make it into work, then BAM -- it hit. Was he cooking breakfast? What is that smell? Smells like burning meat.. what is that? oh my head. oh there is a glistening off the lights in here.. Oh crap, it's a Migraine... Yup, so Daddy got Miss T ready and took her to the sitter, came back and dropped off the big car for me and went to work. I died for about 2 days, (that's why I've been MIA) and yesterday about noonish, I started. Yup. Started, full force, this is the first time I've had a real period from last summer when I got pregnant. Crazy! So, I hope it's not a trend that this is going to happen, but that's it.. My head is better, kind of, I still have cluster headaches that I normally get after one so I feel better but still crappy... I hope I can finally finish my book, because I am in the last 100 pages of breaking dawn and it's KILLING Me not to have it done yet..


Susie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Can I just say that I read cakewrecks just to make sure that I am not on it:-) Hee, hee, hee.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...well, your garage sale doesn't sound too bad....$50 is pretty good.

Glad you are feeling better....Migraines suck!

Kelly said...

You poor thing!! I'm glad you're on your way back to normal. Do you always get migraines right before your period? That would suck big time!

Don't worry about "Breaking Dawn" I'll fill you all the vam.......Kiddin!