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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beanpole Elvis and Peanut Simmons....

Not sure if you've seen our new blog... but here is the second set of pj pants that I made -- the beanpole, doing her best Elvis got a whole new set of pj's Tee with a pocket and a purse to carry them in.. and her new tutu..
The one on the right however, did not get hers yet.. the Peanut, doing her best Richard Simmons, bending over to touch her toes while I took the picture is sporting her brand new tutu... (for a future Zoo so Silly Post) these were a huge hit, even when my brother (Unkie of the monkeys) put it on his head and the beanpole told him "you look like a beautiful wedding"...yup, and I didn't snap the photo in time..