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Friday, May 29, 2009

drill drill drill.....

This week seems to be about drilling. They are fixing the street in front of work and what a pain. Drill drill drill, bang bang bang.. Ugg..
Miss T's been watching more cartoons and I find myself at work singing "Blues Clues, Blues Clues" no hand waving, but it goes to singin other songs like, "Scrub scrub scrub (the bath song)" and a little Backyardigans, randomness!
I went to the dentist and now feel a little better about my carbon footprint. They had plastic covers on the light, plastic 3d glasses on me (ok fine not 3d), gloves on the dentist, gloves on the tech, paper on the seat, 6 forms to fill out, with a folder, mounts of floss, picks, you name it!
Now for the drill part.... because i have so many fillings, I had to get an "18 point x-ray" yup....18 photos, never thought I had that much MOUTH! They do top, bottom, and center of each section.
I need a filling, crown replaced, and.........appointment with an oral surgeon because she found a white spot.. The white spot on an x-ray is never bad, it's the dark spot around it that she's worried about. I am not sure what it is, I am not sure what I think about it so we all get to wait to find out. Had I stayed with my old dentist I would have never known this, they don't do x-rays that low in your mouth to see what is so far down by your chin line almost.
We go to help my friend register for her baby shower tomorrow. Should be a good time. I am making mini quiche and mini cheesecake balls for the shower, as well as invitations and helping with some decor. Should be nice and HOT in mid July!
so, I saw a blog the other day that had "Random Facts" and I like that.. so I may add some here and there...
Random Fact:
I love sitting and watching cartoons with my baby.


Melissa J said...

I am getting a replacement cap tomorrow (yes, tomorrow) and a filling redone. I can't remember how many xrays they took but you win that one. I'll let you know..

LeslieW. said...

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