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Monday, May 18, 2009

Patterns Patterns Everywhere

So, I went to an estate sale a few weeks back with a friend from work. Mainly because the woman running the sale was, what they call, um, well lets be blunt, Ass over Tea Kettle. She told me come take the patterns, and gave me an amazing price, I could not pass up, so at lunch we ran to see. AND FILLED THE WHOLE Back of my car. So, I am going to try to sell some, make some and you my lovely's get to benefit from all of the insanity.

Here's the deal. you want a pattern that you see on my flickr? Tell me, and let me know what you'll swap me for it. I am not going to lie, if two people or more want one, you better have some good booty to offer up.
So, my kitchen is red and yellow, my bedroom has never been painted, and sigh, I almost feel we will never agree on a color and it never will. My master bath is hemp (green) with bamboo. Lil Miss T's room is multi colored and themed with "It's a small world" globe on one wall and flowers on the rest that are 5 to 8 ft tall. My sewing room is a mess and the spare bedroom is just there, the living room is nice, grayish tone, tv, toys, the works.
Not sure if any of that helps, but seriously, I would rather these patterns go to people I know, even via bloggy land, if you don't want to swap, or you just want to buy a pattern, let me know, we'll work something out.

I have other topics but i am going to hold off on them, I don't want to mix my self up :)



Susie said...

Good luck with that:-)

Jessica said...

Aren't estate sales really the best! I love the sound of the colors you pained your bathroom!

Lauranie said...

Our bedroom is currently a pale mint green and would love to paint it some blues and browns! Those just sound so calming to me! We painted our guestroom gray, and it looks really good! Not too masculine like you would think! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Heather said...

I am SO JEALOUS of your pattern stash! I would love to either buy the whole lot from you or at least a big portion of them. If I can't find your email address, mine is Can you email me and let me know what's still available? Thanks!

Lisa said...

What a great pattern lot! Some really cool ones :)

Becky said...

Thanks for visiting my giveaway today.

Okay. I've been reading blogs and entering contests all day.

I'm tired but I'm ready to deal.

I picked out three patterns. Simplicity 5x29 - a smock top
Simplicity 7004 - tote bags, pocketbooks
Butterick 4154 - Princess seam dress

If you send me the patterns I will make you a smock top, a tote bag and another bag from that pattern. Or some combination of the three.

Whatcha think?

I love bartering!

marie*jolie said...

First off, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog to visit and leave a comment for Giveaway Day. Second, your blog totally cracks me up. Cracks. Me. Up. Keep being you. It's cool. :)