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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm ALIVE!!!

After quite a bit of surgery, new batteries for my keyboard and mouse, I'm alive again!!! Whew!!

So, lets catch up.. Here goes.

All Miss T says now is No and Wow.. which is nice, because she at least sounds surprised when she's not saying no, which is not often.

I am off Friday so the ac guy can come out and charge me $100, I got a ticket that's going to cost me $100 and the Cable guy is coming out, and ding. possibly another $100.. (you are starting to see the point) on top of the sitter being off and I paid her for the day because, well, everyone gets sick days.

I've been trying to sew recently, not working as well as expected but I did get another sale on my Etsy site and loaded up a few more items. Also, did give one thing away from a woman that sends me patterns, checks in with me and is very sweet from one of my etsy sales.

I went to an estate sale and bought a "lot" of patterns, vintage, mainly 80's stuff and 70's. INSANE amount of patterns. I am going to sell them online but want to offer my people option if you want any.. I spent TWENTY dollars on over 600 patterns, and yes most are 80s stuff but dresses are dresses and so are shirts... let me know if your looking for something, I am not taking pictures of all of them. I will mostly sell them in lots online. I am thinking I may have a giveaway but who knows.. Sizes are 8 to 16 but I don't know what that means from 30 years ago, are sizing charts the same?

My computer is working again, bu t my phone is still freaking.. sigh

A guy I knew from when I was a kid passed away last week. Not sure where to go with this, but he married his brother and I at the park and then asked me to lift my dress up.... Priests.. what do you expect.

Hmmm. not so sure what else is going on. I need to finish my sisters curtians but I was afraid while I was in my breaking streak. The car just got an oil change, the small car needs the same this weekend.

The Hilliards are coming in town and I think the girls are spending the night one night. It should be fun, a day at the park and maybe some Pizza Pro for lunch?? who knows..

I think that's it for now.. more to come soon and photo's too, now that I can upload :)


Susie said...

It's good to catch up with you:-)

Lindsay said...

I'd love to go to an estate sale sometime. I've heard that you can get all kinds of crazy things at them, kind of like a flea market.