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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things you can't put in your status on Facebook...

1. OMG, I have cramps!
2. Why do people need to be Bitches! No one cares to hear what you have to say (BLOCK)
3. (My Boss, His Boss, Some VP) at X company) is an ASS..
4. Why is everything that my husband does wrong, my fault?
5. Really, I set the clock wrong and that's why you were late to work? It's 10 minutes FAST!
6. If he tells me one more time that you cut the grass so you don't have to do dishes, clean the bathrooms etc, I am going to deck him!
7. Why is it, my BRA is the first thing that's TOO BIG when I diet! BS I tell ya!
8. seems to lose the same pound every other day, I wonder how loud I have to scream to scare it away for good!
9. thinks it's time for a fake sick day, call it mental health. (oh hi boss)
10. can someone remind me to pick up tampons, advil, my meds, fiber pills, and foil on my way home?

1 comment:

PorkStar said...

hahahahahahahahaha i have heard them all too... however they sound relatively close to what I post on FB. Even those female-related ones... oops.