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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

List 6. I Crave (I.E. I eat there for I am)

I know, your all thinking Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.. well, your right But, there is more to life than Chocolate, not much but we may find 2.... Kidding

1. I crave the smell of my mothers Sugo, in her kitchen, the old one, that was open and huge with the phone cord that was yanked almost straight from us kids trying to have privacy on our land line phone.
2. I crave the smell of my Godmother cooking Bologna on the stove in a frying pan. I have never been a fan of it any other way but when she did it. or hot dogs.
3. I crave fresh donuts, my sister worked at a donut shop in high school.. I am not going to say that I ever stuck my whole arm in a 5 gallon bucket of jelly, but it could have happened
4. I crave my Aunt Sadie's pound cake, it was so dense
5. I crave my Godmothers seed cookies.. I miss them even the smell of them, can't sPell them but I love um..
6. I crave carrot cake, with real cream cheese frosting and nuts. Yum
7. I crave my sisters coffee, she does it way better than Starbucks and I think it's the leftover Seattle in her. :D
8. I crave Chocolate, not Hershey's, but good Chocolate, Milk and Dark, best mixed with almonds.. or those Kathryn Beech Carmel bars, yum!!
9. I crave really good mohito's, the kind that you can almost make into pesto, there's so much mint in them!
10. I crave Samoas, Girl Scout Cookies and Thin mints.. Yum.. Wanna fake them? Go here for the Samoa's and tell me if you want the thin mints, I know that recipe and they are soft cookies too!


Lindsay said...

And now I'm hungry.... ;)

I crave Indian food, but I have to drive 40 minutes to get it :( I also crave my new favorite fall food: pumpkin bread. It might be time to make another batch!

Shannon said...

Ok, #3 cracked me up!

There wouldn't be any photographic evidence of this, would there? HA!

Susie said...

I like that you crave chocolate:-) Hee, hee, hee.

Aubrey said...

Ok, now I crave all of those too! Great. Thanks!

My grandma used to make this cookie, muffin'ish stuff called "pan loco". She would then make homemade hot cocoa and we would get to dippin' and eatin'. There was nothing better and now I'm craving that!

oº˚ Queen Bee ˚ºo said...

You brought back memories with the Bologna -- My grandpa use to do that! Thanks for sharing -- Much Love