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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok, so our Parents as Teachers "friend" Dana came over tonight, She's so great, we just love her. So, our visit went so fast but we got a lot out of it. I made Miss T a blanket and actually finished it this past weekend when I thought for some God forsaken reason that I was going to be sleeping. I stayed up till midnight Saturday to finish it with her crawling. Her knees are so torn up and red that I think it helps. Plus it's an amazing blanket and so soft that we needed it done.

Our New Mastercard commercial...

Satin backing, 2 yards, $12
Tupperware buckets set of 6 for $20
6 yards of minky super soft material $30
special ordered metalic polkadot fabric $9
plus $3 shipping

Parents as Teachers rep comes over and tells us good toys and she plays with ziplock bags and babyfood lids in a wipe container for an hour....

We saved babyfood lids so we could work on our sensory skills, hearing, touching, putting things in the container and taking them out. Dumping and the sounds made when they bang together. Who knew they were so much fun. Thanks Beechnut!

daddy drinks more than enough soda, you color noodles with food coloring and WHALA! shakers / rollers. Colors and sounds. Thanks Mountian Dew!

Special book of pictures, extras - not to be left alone with baby.. this is ziplock bags!!! but, see pictures of family and friends, recognize faces and this is really cute, we made one!

Thanks Dana, we love our PAT Nights.. :D


amanda said...

those are some pretty great toys!

Shannon said...

pretty blanket :)

and very creative toys!

Mamasphere said...

That is a gorgeous blanket!! She'll treasure that for a long time to come.

Great toy ideas. We did stuff like this when our daughter was little to save money. She preferred it all over the expensive stuff anyway!

Susie said...

Very creative. I love that!

Lindsay said...

Babies always go for the cheap stuff, don't they? That is such a cute, well done quilt! I got the inspiration to make a Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt with Batiks and might have to do that!

Z's Mom said...

Cute ideas. I had bad experiences with PAT....well, in that I called and emailed and NO ONE EVER called or emailed back.

Z's a genius anyway...I already know that.... :)