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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

List 5. I Read

HAHAHAHAaa.. where has my life gone? I did read a lot before, and never took advantage of it. I could not read when I was pregnant, it made me fall asleep, a friend at work lent me a book and I swear I read page 6 for 5 nights in a row and never made it past that point.... But now I am back on track and read again

1. I read the news but only at work, I mean that's what I do so I get to read it for free and right now, oh geez, it's well, interesting.
2. I read magazines but not the smutty ones, I read Parents, Parenting, Cookie, Family Fun, and anything at the grocery store checkout that I don't plan on buying. I wish Martha would make a Real Simple Family for every month. Work on that Martha, could ya?
3. I read Any and everything by Elizabeth Berg. I love her work, she's so talented.
4. I read your blogs, Tons and tons of them. I love all my peeps (on the right) I may not always comment, but I am always checking in!
5. I read cookbooks, ok I am totally Lying, I look at the pictures, if I don't like the picture, I won't look at the recipe.
6. I read e-mails, I love getting e-mail from my family, there is an ongoing banter that I miss when everyone would go out and send e-mail back and forth. My brothers are HILARIOUS!
7. I read baby books, lots of pictures and words in big bold letters. Much more interesting than I expected.
8. I read directions... Lied again! I don't, I am one to try to figure it out first, and if not, then read them. I once heard on the radio "Directions are just another guys opinion" it was a comedian but I still believe that to be true.
9. I read people, even if I have no gaydar.. I can read people pretty well, at least enough to know emotions.
10. Yes, I read twilight, and will probably again, Who knows of any good books now?

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Susie said...

I read blogs, magazines and cookbooks.