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Saturday, October 18, 2008

List 9. I Listen

A wumba wa, a wumba way.. Kidding, ok no more...

This list should be all music but who knows when I get on my tangent

1. I Listen to the Rat Pack and remember the voices of my past. My Godfather singing and telling us stories always comes to mind when I hear Dean-o or Frank.
2. I Listen to Christmas Music on the radio NOW.. they are changing the format of one of the stations so they decided they were just going to play Christmas songs until the end of the year.
3. I Listen to my daughter sing to herself at 3 am when she wakes up and tries to put herself back to sleep.
4. I Listen to my sewing machine hum while I work on new projects, and the wheels in my head turn with it.
5. I Listen to laughter, contagious... from my family at holidays. I love the sound of my mothers laugh, it always tells everyone how happy she really is. My sister has her laugh now, I don't but I may still get it.
6. I Listen to my husband tell me stories of photos and cameras and hear his passion and love. I know that others say they hear that same passion and love when he talks about Miss T and I to them.
7. I Listen to my I-pod, Jack Johnson, Sammy Hagar, Sting, Willie Nelson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, I love almost all music, it's in my history, in my family, in my blood.
8. I Listen to the earth, the crickets, the bugs and bees and bats in our neighborhood.
9. I Listen to the neighbor kids talk, they so badly want to be in that pretend adult world they believe to be true. The part where there is love and laughter, a bit of drama and a lot of fun and dress up. I think I wanted that too, I wish that adult life were more like pretend adult life. :D
10.I Listen to the sound of my typing, the thoughts in my head whooshing around telling me everything that I hear. I love the sound of my mind working when I am busy, physically and mentally...

What do you hear? and when you hear it do you listen?


Susie said...

I hear my daughters the top of their lungs:-)

TattooedMinivanMom said...

I hear my son sing during every song in any movie he's seen more than once. I hear my sweet daughter sing in the shower everytime she takes one. and I love, love, LOVE Frank Sinatra!

Ben and Taryn said...

Thanks for the comment but stupid question...which contest did I win? :) Lol...And I love the name Shelby :)

Ben and Taryn said...

HA HA I just found out...too funny! Oh and cute Wendy Birds!

Jessica said...

I listen to Christmas music on the radio these days, too!

Shannon said...

That's so funny, about the radio station just deciding to play Christmas music! HA!

Lindsay said...

I used to love listening to my daughter talk to herself in the middle of the night when she'd wake up. I'd always be on pins and needles waiting to see if conversations turned to wails, but it was still cute!