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Monday, October 13, 2008

List 4. I Watch

Ya'll may think this is a list of TV only -- but it's not..

1. I watch the trees in the fall, and the leaves blowing in the wind.
2. I watch birds flying in circles, all in big groups, I could watch that for hours.
3. I watch my baby crawling and moving around, in anticipation of her next move, almost holding my breathe trying to let her do her thing.
4. I watch my husband cut the grass, back and forth, up and down the hills, he loves it, he will never admit it, but he does.
5. I watch my baby grow, her hair is longer now, we are going to start wearing barrettes soon. I ordered a few online and I am going to make some myself. I watch her legs get longer, and her feet growing, she's more limber and coordinated, she can eat her feet, giggle and laugh, sing songs to herself, crawl, pick things up, take pots and pans out of their stacks, put things in her mouth, change hands and do it with the other hand. talent I tell ya
6. I watch the kids on our street, playing, remembering when I was that age... Amazement, I can't get over the memories.
7. I watch my friends kids get older, do more, have more kids, be so cute... (add another thing to wish list, that we were all closer to each other too)
8. I watch Grey's Anatomy, House, Biggest Loser (sometimes, I have not been into it this season) Lost (when it starts), Heroes, Private Practice, Men in Trees... and that's about it. We don't have cable, satellite, or whatever... I know we will get it when Miss T is older and wants it, but until then, we don't need it.. We have enough to do.
9. I watch my mothers hands, I know this is something that she will e-mail me on later, but we have the same hands and I have always watched her hands, they are so much more delicate than mine, almost like she's composing all the time. I watch my own hands add freckles ever year, more and more, now I look at Miss T's hands and wonder if I will see the same thing.
10. I watch me change, I am growing into a new person. I am not the same today as yesterday, constently changing, not a bad thing of course, but surprising that this is who I am. I am glad, I have not always been glad about that, but I am now, and I am blessed.


Susie said...

I love this list! The only thing I would add for mine would be...

I watch my cupcakes bake:-) Hee, hee,hee.

Z's Mom said...

That's a great list, Tricia!!!

Susie said...

If you have questions about etsy, I would be happy to help. Email me:

Lindsay said...

I'm loving the lists! You should do some sort of daily thing on your blog for others to participate. I'd join in (and might have to borrow your idea for my a little blogger's block right now).

Kelly said...

That was deep. I would have interpreted this as all the things I watch on tv...I am shallow...