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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Last of 6...

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Well, we are no longer 6 months old. Can you believe it? It's been a half a year and we are so big now..
we have 2 teeth, and planing a few more for this weekend I think
we can crawl
we can pull up on furnature
we can talk a lot, but in another language
we can grab things
we can shake things
we can eat food
we can eat cereal
we can say Da but not to him
we can giggle like there's no tomorrow
we can sing, our own songs of course but we plan to learn a few
we can sleep on our own
we can put our thumb in our mouth, we like the right one
we can type on the computer and push down one key
we can eat apples by ourself as long as they are sliced and we can just grind off some as we go, not a fan of chunks that come off, we spit those out
we are SOOO Big.. and...


Z's Mom said...

Awww... T is so cute....and growing SOOOO fast!!!

Jessica said...

Isn't it amazing what happens in 6 months!?!

LollyChops said...

What a precious child! That little chair is totally cute too! heh

Susie said...

Congratulations on getting through the first 6 and good luck on the next 6.

Melissa B. said...

Love the poem, and the snaps! BTW, please don't forget Sx3 tomorrow! Consider your funnybone tickled in advance!

~~tonya~~ said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!

TattooedMinivanMom said...

What a sweetie pie...happy 7 month old birthday!

Shannon said...

Awww! So cute :)

I remember when my "babies" were babies (they're 5 and 7 now... they both have birthdays in Feb... and it just blows my mind that my youngest will be 6 in just a few months!)

Lindsay said...

She's doing some big things for a girl her age! You have a strong smart little girl on your hands, and beautiful to boot!

Mamasphere said...

Such a big girl! Isn't it amazing the changes that happen in the first year?

Kelly said...

It just goes by so quickly...She's so freakin' adorable!!