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Sunday, March 23, 2008

**Spoiler Alert!** Happy Birthday (No, theres no baby yet)

Mom - Lisa and Shari - Don't look -- Skip this Entry or ruin your own surprise ---

So, weeks ago I was thinking I needed to get my mother something for her birthday early... I am starting to think that I know where this kid gets it...YIKES! Ok, so I was going to get some Harry and David stuff with the help of my sister and a few funny e-mails back and forth, a few bad days, some pony tail holders and an i-tunes gift card...walks into a bar.. no, seriously.. So then I forget and realize that 1. I have no kid here yet and 2 No dice at the there is a Harry and David in the mall and I need to walk to get this kid movin! mall, time is running short and then I remembered this little thing I saw on a blog. Crayon Roll Cases, they were so cute, Maybe I cold make one of those for her embroidery needles? Ok, seriously $15 for that? It holds like 6.. No way, I can find better..

So, I was online and started thinking where to look and low and behold I loved the Pink Chalk Studio instructions and they were on her birthday last year! It's a sign :O... ok, it's not a sign but what a quinkie dink! No Problem 24 X 10, each holder is 1 1/4". That does not seem like so much, you know me, gotta go bigger! Mine is 36 X 22 double sided, holds on each side and folds together in the center (so they don't fall out one end) Ties and has a handle (seen below)

Yes, Bigger, holds 65 (whatevers) needles.. I don't have any so I used some hem liners that I have that are flat.

First, let me jut say that my Godmother and my father are laughing their ASSES off..
I am not a fan of bias tape, we all know this, and this is why a lot of my stuff does not get done (yes Kate, that is what we are all waiting on!) and I get this whole thing done and Oh, Ouch what the Hell.. Are you kidding me -- An INCH!! So, I yell out "SonofaBitch! All I need is an extra Inch" Bob is in the other room laughing "I've heard that joke but never heard a woman say that before!" Oh that Bob's a funny one...

So, you can roll it or fold it flat and tie it together.. but, this is it.. Thoughts?

**Spoiler** I made some towels for my sister in law for her birthday coming up and we won't make it out to their house this year for the 4th so I thought these would be cute...
**Spoiler 2** I made my sister some tennis towels, I really like the towel, it's microfiber and if you click the picture you can see it says I Heart Tennis all over the ribbon. Cute!

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