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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Quick note - Pray for Emilie...

I remember the flood of 93 like it was yesterday, actually, not sure how many of you know this but I was in it. We (thankfully) lived at the top of a hill in the center of the worst of it, the big part they are sandbagging now. I was scared, we ended up having to drive 15 minutes out of our way to leave our apartment back then, because the road was closed, houses were sliding down the hill and the water would not end. We did a lot that summer, it was a time I will never forget, I had just moved back from Indy and things were changing a lot. I had an apartment, not a lot of anything else, a crappy couch, a bed, at TV (that sadly I still have) and a table that we actually stole from the side of the road that was actually a wire tube and we covered it with cardboard and a sheet. What else did you need?
Emilie and her family were forced to leave their HOUSE (not apartment) last night, from a good area but she's too close to a creek bed that is rising fast. It's crazy when your 18/19 and you can lose your crappy couch when you don't make much. I can't imagine losing my HOUSE, that my 4 kids live in and I just painted, with a brand new baby and a 4 year old... It's hard enough on the older two but with the younger it's hard to change so quickly. Thankfully they had a place to go and friends that can lift things that helped them get out but maybe a little boost prayer would get them back home and maybe a little help so they don't have to do this all summer long.

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