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Sunday, March 23, 2008

78th Post and we go to the hospital tomorrow...

I have no idea what the 78 has to do with other than it told me I had 77 posts and I thought, Man I talk and type a lot.
We go to the hospital tomorrow, I looked in the Birthday book and tomorrow is a good day to be born. Good Birthday, seems all is well and going well for the 24th of March. that makes me feel better. I must have
I am freaking out that I put my sewing Machine away, it's so odd. I have now wanted to sew in months, I got in there for 2 weeks? now I am uneasy putting it away.. Odd? I think so. I got a lot done, I will get more done again, I am not going to keep it put away but for now, we are going to take some time to get used to being a family.
expected, the big joke today is if or when I will sleep.I am worried about tomorrow, I mean it's a big step, a bigger change and a longer lasting effect. I am really worried about the ouchie tomorrow, I mean this is not like a filling (I called it a filling today to Lisa, she called it a root canal) not sure what to expect, not sure anyone really can say for sure, it's all so different and individual. I am scared and nervous, I mean I guess it's to be Last night, I slept from 3 am till almost 6 am, it was so bad I watched Hell Boy on regular TV, Lisa laughed because not only did I watch Hell Boy but I watched it with commercials even! Ya, that's bad. (shakes head)
Something about it all does not feel real yet, I guess it won't till it happens, Bob says he's calm, he's fine and it's not a big deal it's just what happens next, but he's not slept in days and I swear he lemon pledged thew whole house, not that I suggest sniffing bathrooms but ya, there too. I was finishing sewing something yesterday and smelled cigarette and he accidentally walked in the house after he lit his, he's got a lot on his mind...
All the Pack n Plays have been put together, the toys are put away, the computer has not been moved yet but that loses out Internet connection so Bob's still working on that for the first week while she's home and in our room. It's my stupid fault, I have no idea why we didn't get connections in all the rooms when we had the house built.
Rambling already, I know..
I started putting away long sleeve maternity tops that I am hoping not to wear but they are all clean. I have some pants out but put some of the less worn in the bag too, they are mostly winter, so I am not sure what to do with them all yet. I have a friend at work that I plan to give my tall girl stuff to, but not sure what to do with it all. I guess that's not really a worry at this point in time.
I tried to take a few pictures of our last day at home alone. Not sure what all will change, but I can promise, there will be so many fewer pictures of my belly! She likes the right side right now.

Bob rotated the dryer door (yes, I know now? Really? didn't you need that more the last month?) it's going to be nice, and now that I will be able to bend down to the washer level it will be even more helpful. Bob's been transferring most of the laundry this past few weeks, maybe that's what it takes?

I got Thomas' gift done, finally, and yes Kate I am spoiling it for you now but you still have to wait for it to be mailed. It's a towel hoodie a SHARK one. I designed it myself, like the fin?? I thought it was cute. The teeth are ribbon, triangle fold and sewn, it was my own idea, I am pretty proud. I can't wait to finish Audrey's, it's going to be so cute, it's a Lion.

Yes, he also was cleaning cameras this weekend, and no joke, this is what I walked into in the kitchen, it's like a little army. I have no idea who does this other he but it was soo funny, on the kitchen table, in front of the clif bars and oranges.

Last but not least, NO ONE OPEN THE CLOSET DOOR! Holey cow! That's a lotta stuff... Actually, it all fit, it's a bit crunched but the door opens (opens in the closet thank you) and closes, the sewing machine is in there, along with 10 king size pillows, 5 king and queen comforters, 2,465 flannel jackets/pullovers (seriously, there are 20+), 10 coats, one Sewing table, 5 boxes of material, a bunch of sewing machine parts, 5 shelves of sheets, 4 different 20 + yard sets of material still on the roll, 3 vases, a Christmas stocking box FULL of ribbon, a box of patterns, another box of binding and other tools, a box of storage for bills and cards and a box of CD cases (yes, that need to go, does anyone remember me bending anytime in the past month?) and maybe some bad 90's Cd's but we won't go there. The rest of the room is somewhat clean, other than that blue box, that makes my statement above false, not everything fit.... One large heavy box of material that I really tried to use! It's so hard right now , when I made the diaper bags for charity I was all over the floor, I never realized how much bending and stretching it takes to cut patterns and make patterns. I will get there.. But oh well, it's still clean and you can see the floor, there are not tables all over the room , the computer will have a place to go (see glass top desk) and I will be back in there sewing one day.

Somehow the vacuum isn't working so well so Bob is fixing that so we can finish the floor in there. I did finish a few other items, but not so much fun right now to post. I am getting in the shower then going to try to go to bed... wish me luck and fingers crossed the next post and pictures will be tomorrow (if we can get them loaded) and of Baby Girl Better Late Than Never..

Morgan came up with two more names... Patricia and Marie, she thinks it would be fun for the baby to have a name kind of like mine but she will be Patricia, not Tricia. Kim tried to tell her I think 15 times that my real name is Patricia but I just use the Tricia part, didn't work. She does like Marie and likes that Bob's sister is named Marie, if I go over there and she has new jewelery, we will know that Marie really did call even if she could not get a good flight in.
Guess everyone will know her name tomorrow, just pray we can agree when we see her. Wow, this is all happening really fast now.

11:30 P.M. Happy Birthday Mom... Tomorrow, we are hoping for someone new to have their own.

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krgans said...

I love it and so will Thomas. Can't wait to meet the new addition!