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Monday, March 24, 2008

5:45 A.M. Day 289......

Today is it.. Fingers crossed the final day.
Woke up at 4:30, the one in the a.m. not so much fun... Lay in bed trying to think of what needs to be done, wondering if the hospital has the right phone number.
4:50 - Get out of bed finally, very tired, got to sleep somewhere around 2 after a hard night and a stabbing in my toe.. Yes, a real one, dropped the stupid razor and sliced my toe perfectly, big toe, right foot, snoopy band-aid and no painted nails, totally forgot on Saturday that Sunday was Easter.
5:00 downstairs, vanilla yogurt and an egg bagel for breakfast, heartburn still here, two tums later, still here. Time for more water.
5:30 looking at the note in the kitchen, hmm... still have not called, wonder if they do have the right number. They have till 6 then I call to make sure, I am sure they do, we have been admitted twice to the WE-U. Going to straighten my hair, I look like Monica in that one friends... Yikes!
6 a.m. No call yet. Getting off here, time to shut down the P.C and wait like a normal crazy person (does that mean watch TV and try to think of things I don't need but should bring to the hospital?)

Have a good day all... it's a big one for us.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,

Checking this from Scotland to get the latest news from you guys. Praying all goes well. I'll check in with Colette.


Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Ok, just got the email from Colette. She's beautiful!!! Congratulations. So excited for you guys.