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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guess Who We Met!!!!!

Welcome Welcome Welcome
Miss Taryn Ryan
9lbs, 4.9 oz, 20 inches
Little Miss Fashionably Late Showed at 22:16 (10:16 pm)

The above two pictures are from yesterday, Grandma Sally came in and was shocked and almost speechless when the nurse rolled you in. We are not surprised, I mean your too pretty for words, Grandma Sally figured that out quickly. I was on the phone getting the insurance all worked out and you and Grandma Sally had a nice chat (see above) and you explained how our day went.

We didn't sleep well on Easter night, we had a lot going on and I think daddy and I were both freaked enough just getting to now. We slept about two solid hours, daddy slept a bit longer, which is good, he didn't sleep well the whole week. Got up around 5 and started the post below then got off line and finished getting ready. Repacked the overnight bag and got everything ready to go. I need to mention I was really scared at this point in time, the future holds something unknown and I didn't know where my range of emotions began or ended. The phone rang at 6:35 ish and the hospital told us we were ready to come in. We got everything in the car and were out the door before 7 and were checked in to the hospital before 8. Got in the room and were attached to machines that would deliver me fluids and medicine to start the contractions. We started slow but worked our way up and by noonish we were doing well. Daddy ran to the car to move things then went to grab a bite from the cafe. During that time my Dr came in (didn't expect him there that early) and actually broke my water himself. It was nice to have him there, something comforting that there was not just one more person I didn't know poking on us. Daddy came back in and Grandma Sandy stopped by with food (that I could not have) and he actually ate. Good thing, the day was just going to get longer. After my water was broken, the contractions did get stronger, I wanted to walk or sit on the ball but there was no good time to get set up while everything else was going on. We made it to 3 and then checked again and I had hit a 4, this is when they say I can have my epi, and so I did. We had piggybacked contractions for about an hour before and I was getting tired and needed the break. The dr came in and started setting up and I was getting freaked, I cried a bit but not as bad as I thought, I think I really held strong. Scared but set up, I finally could relax a bit and get a nap myself. I slept off and on from 4 to 6, having to wake up and roll over every half hour. It was nice to lay back and get some sleep. Checked again at 6:30 before Nurse Karen (super great nurse!) was leaving, we were at a strong 4/5 not enough change, ugg. Nurse Ginny came in and told me a story about the hula and prayer and how it helps with contractions and getting things moving. Cute, she was nice and really did help me out a lot. We also got a surprise of Grandma Judy coming up, that was unexpected. We did what we could but 8:3o came and we were still not moving along like we needed to. We did the above and beyond in the next hour, pumped up the pitocin to a 12/13 and started moving as much as we could to get things going as fast as we could. This was where the guilt kicked in that I took the epi instead of walking the halls or doing something else on my own. 9:30 came and went, Nurse Ginny checked one last time with a hope and a prayer, we were at a 7 but she was not moving down, Ginny said there was "just a lot of space" she didn't understand why this was happening, we were doing everything right, we were contracting beautifully and it just was not working.

By now, Grandma Judy and now Grandma Sandy were both there, and I was getting started to get prepped for this big and sudden change. I wanted to cry, long and loud, I was freaking out in my head but was trying to keep it all together because it really was not about me at this point, we had someone that needed me calm in order to have her life start well. Super Doc came in and got the ball rolling, checked me one last time and agreed with Ginny, we were contracting perfectly, did all we could there was nothing that I was not trying to get going but something was not right, she would not drop. This was the safe option and what we needed to do for both of us even if we wanted natural, we did all we could up until this point in time. Within a matter of minutes, there was a scrub nurse that popped her head in and introduced, an anaesthesia resident and Dr, my Dr, husband and random nurses all around. The grandmothers were sent off to the waiting room and I was already shot up with a crazy mix of cocktails, drinks, pills and injections. Off to the operating room we went, Bob soon to follow behind in his new paper attire. Going in the room everything happened quickly, I was moved from one bed to another, layed back and had to put my arms on two boards, more shots and changes and a screen that went up right in front of my face and everyone started working. Pressure on my stomach, changes happening so fast then Bob started taking pictures. Super said "Oh, now we know what caused it, shes sunny side up" so this means posterior or facing out and in the wrong position to come out naturally and or very easy. A moment later, hear him then say "Wow, she's big". Then more squishing and moving and Bob got to go with the nurse to weigh Taryn. Yes folks, you saw it here first. NINE POUNDS, all by herself, no wonder my back hurt. I normally would never subject another woman to having her photo taken on a scale of all things, but this is a one time shot and we can call some of it water weight ;) hee hee.

So, long story short, they cleaned me up and we went to recovery, where I proceeded to throw up my cocktail (that was not good going down and worse coming up but thankfully no aftertaste!) then settle into being so tired I could not function for about 20 minutes. We got in a little quality time before visitors started showing up (grandmas there, remember) and they went with daddy to the nursery while they cleaned Taryn up and got her in APGAR checked (we got a 9/8 btw) so all is well, 10 fingers, 10 toes, good looks, good brain and what more can you ask for? We did really well!
So, today starts a new story, thankfully one that includes me losing weight, touching my toes soon and this beautiful new girl. Should get exciting from here, Taryn and I are sitting in bed looking at her hands. She has Grandma Sally and my hands, and yes Aunt Lisa, she did already mention piano lessons. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures, sorry there are not more, we don't have a lot of excitement after the delivery, we are all just getting to know one another.


Z's Mom said...

Congratulations Mommy and Daddy....she's beautiful!!! I can't wait to get my cuddle time with her today!!!

craftjunky said...

She is soooooo cute!!!! Taryn is a pretty name too. Veronica has a friend named Taryn. You look good in the pic (at least the 1/3 of your face that shows)

CONGRATULATIONS & give Bob & Taryn a hug from me & then have Bob give you a hug from me.

Melissa said...

Congratulations!!! One of these days I will have to meet her!

krgans said...

I am so happy for you. She is beautiful. I can't wait to meet her!

Molly said...

Trish...I can't believe she is finally here! She is beautiful! I have to admit...Mhena was not so cute when she was born hee hee. I love her name too. I can't wait to see more pics and hear all about Tyran. Congrats!