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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We heard your cries for more!!!

So Taryn and I are sitting here, chillin'. Big daddy went for a walk and some "power" fries... He needs his carbs to keep going. Wanted to load a few more pictures from today, she's a whole day older and wiser, we are feeding at the every 3 hour mark almost consistently today, this is a good thing. I am feeling good too, didn't take pain meds after the first time but I am planning to take them tonight so we can all get a little rest. No sleeping pills for me, that's too hard on my body right now, I am having a hard time trying to stay awake when feeding during the day.
Taryn met Emilie, Colette, Rebekah, Karla, Penny, Patti, Adam and Stefanie. Grandma Sally was here most of the day helping out, we are so glad, she makes it easier for mom to get around and Taryn to not feel left out (yea, right) and Grandma Sandy stopped in before going to the show.

Here's dad getting better at his burping skills, Taryn getting better at her sleeping thru dad talking skills.
Here's Taryn zonked out after a long day... some good feedings and some new friends.

Here's Taryn with her eyes open for the first length of time. She's really looking around and was alert for an hour or so! Also, two thirds of me today.

Here's how tall she is, look at those legs! She's lost 7 oz but to hold her, you would never know it!

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krgans said...

Awww she is beautiful!!!!