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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week three at home starting alone..

We are past almost there.. I waited for the DR to all on Friday with no luck. So, I get to call the office tomorrow and I am already not happy about having to deal with his office staff to get a hold of him ever. I expect tomorrow will be better but he and I will have a talk if it's not I am almost sick of the dealings with some of the people and other Dr's in that office.
Well, all of you that wanted a St. Patty's day baby better start praying and or doing you thang to get her here.
Mom came over on Friday and we went to Ruby Tuesdays, it was good. We both got the salad bar and got one half order of Mini Turkey Burgers, with 2 sides, one baby portobello mushrooms and one broccoli. No matter what I get there, it's always too much food. Still, it was really good.
We went to the grocery store after then came back here and cleaned up my sewing room, which was a God sent, I was so overwhelmed with that room I didn't know where to start to get it cleaned up. So, 2 things 1. I am going to post pictures of the baby's room and 2 pictures of my recent work.

The Bedroom pictures will be in another blog either above or below this one. The first picture is the closet with 5 containers of fabric in there, YIKES! One container is Bob's fault because when I made his hoodie, I bought fleece, thinking that's what he wanted, so I have the yardage to make a hoodie but he wanted some hippie hoodie.. I plan to make my mom sweat pants with the leftovers, I just have not gotten there yet. I have one more container than needs to make it's way in the closet but I have to figure out where. There is a ton of coats and jackets in there and this is the closet where we keep our sheets and pillows so it's pretty full, soft but full!

I made this blanket and burp cloth from some scrap I spent about $1.50 on and the cotton filling inside was probably about a buck too.. so, cute and about $2.50 without labor. Bob says he likes it and it's very spring/Eastery.
The Burps below are so cute, Baseballs, I did a red stitching that is a baseball stitch (kind of) it's for Stef and Adam's soon to be little one. I am kind of disappointed that I didn't get enough pictures of the ones I made as gifts for my neighbors new nephew, they left town already but for some stupid reason I didn't take pictures of all of what I made. I have no idea where my brain is these days.

P.S. Kate, yours is almost done, it's the edging that needs to be completed, I may finish it tomorrow if I get the chance. (It's still out and on the couch)

I am trying not to start on anything big/new or time consuming because this is our spare bedroom and I need to make sure there is room if someone is going to actually sleep in here after she's born. Not the baby, my mother or Bob's sister, or Step Mom.

P.S.S. Can we maybe get some role call in here, I would like to know who's out there reading... Sure would like to know if some people in San Fran have addresses yet, any New Yorkers are around and if they feel any better, any friends either at work or beyond are checking in even if I didn't call Arica back yet (gulp) and Melissa called the hospital today because I didn't call her back while I was in the shower... Someones going to need to get me a medic alert bracelet.. I've showered and have not had a baby yet, maybe a clapper, or one of those police collars for at the hospital arrest. You can e-mail if you don't want to leave a comment... Those that have left comments with names or at least something that distinguishes them from others, I know your there and thanks, lots of love and hugs from here, I really appreciate the support!


krgans said...

Hey! Glad to see you are hanging in there. Was going to call this weekend. but with all the Bear Stearns crap. I have been trying to console Nigel. Your stuff looks great!

Melissa J (in NY) said...

Hi! I am here!