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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Room (in pieces)

Heres the room. I may have to explain some of it...

This is the back wall, I just wanted to show this quilt and how well it goes.

This is my new rocker glider, it's in our room still (while I shred papers)

This is the changing table, it's white, but it works. See how big the world is in the background? My mom thought it was just a picture size, it's really wall size.

This is the hamper/basket that I love, Arica and Angie got me one, I went out and got another because the one if full of blankets.

Closet, on the left, upper bins match the hamper/ basket above. The diapers are all going under the crib soon but I think we are going to move the crib closer to the French doors once they are finished.

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