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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Beanpole, a Peanut, and a Squeaker (this sounds like the begining of a joke)

We got our first visitors today.Aunt Sheri, Uncle Dave, Hannah (Peanut) and Anissa (beanpole) came from out of town and drove all the way out to see us during "fake" Easter weekend. The girls were so cute with Taryn and would hold her hands, and pat her back SOFT and watch her while they ran around the room, played with Domino's, pretended to be Uncle Bob in his chair, and showed us hands free tumbling. I was feeding Taryn when they got to our house so it was a grand entrance when we came in. Everyone was so excited to see us that Hannah could not wait to say "We have presents!", Anissa nodded and pointed to the bags with eyes wide. I wished I would have felt better, I would have had more for them to do while here, they also didn't stay to have lunch/dinner. I was not up to the sitting today but we did have a good visit and they got to see Taryn and we got to see the girls. It was really nice to have them over. Taryn even insisted on wearing her Easter outfit even if it was not the real Easter. The girls LOVED IT.. She even had a onsie on that said "just hatched" that is really cute but was not showing up in the pictures. If you increase the size on the first photo, you can see that there is a tail and ears on the outfit, on the front it has a bunny face and says "My First Easter".

We got home yesterday and There was a big sign on the door, I need to get a picture or two of that but I have not been out there yet. I am slow moving these days and must say I am thankful it's not because of my back finally. But almost 10 lbs later, it's nice to know how worth it she is.
I have my camera back online so here's the last day at the Hospital update:
Here's the room. It was really nice, I wish I wold have taken a picture of the bathroom, it was super awesome and Huge! The first picture is the door, the room is not square so there is an area in the front where the nurses can set up, people can wash their hands, and there is a big curtain so you don't actually walk in and see everything going on, that was nice. I had to call out the whole time when people knocked and walked in "Hello, who's there?" The second photo is Taryn, she's such a camera hog these days. The TV above the dresser, and shelving, that was nice too, there was a lot of room for things. We had most of our stuff in the car by this time but we did use up a lot of this space. The third picture is Bob's area, he slept and worked in this little corner area while we were there and to is right is the big cool bathroom.

Grandma Sally keeps calling Taryn her "Little Irish Lass" which is funny because we hoped she would be here before St. Patty's day and still ended up dressing her in that outfit, because I love it. Someone please thank Christine again for me! The first picture is Taryn's "I'm really pissed off" face, this is the pre-warning that you are getting the squeak soon. We had a slight meltdown and yes she has socks on her hands, her nails are really sharp and I filed them a bit but I still don't want her scratching her face. The second picture is "with hat" but she didn't wear that for any pictures other than this one. She was not a fan.

Daddy's been the hero of the day all day, I got to sleep a bit this afternoon, and rest before everyone came over. He also made lunch, dinner and went to get batteries while Taryn went down for the night. I feel bad that I can't do much and I am feeling a bit lazy with the things I am doing. I know, major surgery, I know 9.4 oz baby, but when you see people cleaning around you, it's hard not to want to start helping out. My feet are still swollen and swelling pretty bad, I can't wait for this to end too. I did get some things done, I got the changing table moved around a bit and organized, got some of the bottle and other supplies cleaned up and Bob helped me get the items together that need to be sterilized. This was a good thing, and a good day. Bob also got spit up on A LOT, peed on and if she were pooping better, I am sure he would have gotten a little of that too.
We are trying to work on getting our days and nights worked out so Taryn went to bed at around 11:30 p.m. and we have all the lights and TV off in our room. This is what everyone says to do too and what worked best.. I am such a new mommy, I have gone in and checked on her at LEAST 4 times from the time I started this blog and checked e-mail. It seems to be working, not the new mom part, the sleeping part. How long does it take for this part to ware off?


Z's Mom said...

Well, I don't know if its normal or not...but Zander is almost 17 months old and I STILL check on him at night. I have to touch him and make sure he's still breathing... But, I don't get up in the middle of the night to do it anymore, just if I'm already awake.

krgans said...

Okay I think I beat you all, Thomas turned 3 and I still check on him. Its habit and its being a mom!