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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Just an FYI!! I Just checked and we are on Web Nursery already. That's pretty fast for leaving mid day yesterday. Leave messages, we love them! They did get her weight wrong, she was 9.49 not 9.40. The chick that did the photos did not impress me, but what can you say if your walking around a hospital all day trying to get people to buy pictures after they have been ripped/cut open and most times your kids not looking their best.
Emilie didn't even let them take the pictures, but I can't remember why now.

A few things,
Thanks to Kris and Molly for the notes... I miss you it was good to hear from you.
Melissa, Debbi, Jenn, Karla and Kate, thanks for adding comments, it's a big help for me to get feedback.

Love to you all!

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