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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Randoms Rantings today.....Good Lord this is long!

So, I am home, bored, and alone. This is what my day is like.

Midnight to 1. get up an p at least once, go back to bed, try to remember what side I was laying on so I can lay on the other and not have to roll over as soon.
3 to 4 - Repeat above.
4 to 5- roll over at least 3 times, sleeping really light, the house is so warm!
5:10 - Alarm goes off.. Snooze
5:15 - TV alarm goes off, Channel 2 playing in the background, I can hear weather and traffic, please God don't let there be traffic at 5 am!
5:20 - Find Bob (usually on the couch these days, I feel bad but I get he's getting better sleep) call to him and tell him it's time to get up.
5:20 - Alarm goes off again - Snooze
5:30 - Alarm goes off again - Snooze - Get up, yell down stairs to Bob again to get up, he complies and I am sure rolls over.
5:40 - Alarm goes off again - Snooze - Huff loudly if I do not hear the shower going by now. Get up, go to the top of the stairs, tell bob is' almost 6 am and get is butt up and that I am not getting up again to tell him.
5:45 - Shower starts -
5:55 - Bob lays down in bed, says he's watching weather/traffic
6:00 - Alarm goes off again - Wake Bob back up - Don't snooze... Go down stairs and figure out what I want for breakfast and pray the alarm annoys the hell out of him.
6:10 - Bob comes down stairs, dressed and ready, goes out side to "start the car" (smoke before he brushes his teeth)
6:15 - Bob is back inside, upstairs teeth brushed, hair fixed, and is walking out the door.
6:20 - Breakfast made, and I am sitting in bed eating (cereal, and or yogurt most days)
6:30 - Hmm, shower or nap? Nap, go back to sleep until 8
8:00 am. Up, not in the mood to shower now, brush my teeth again and figure out what I am doing. Rain? Movies or sewing... Sun? try to figure out where I can go that's not too much of a trip if my back starts hurting badly
8:15 - Sitting in front of the computer trying to use the ball to get this kid into position. Stretching and trying to move her in the right spot so I can walk around longer. Checking random mail, friends blogs, my blog for comments. Some things I found today.
Lost Camera site it's really funny, I mean nice that people can give back your camera, but it starts to make you wonder about some of those pictures you take!
62Cherry - this is a site to show Debbi and my ma. Knitting chick, kinda funny.
Another is A Friend to Knit With - cute, and the cookies on the site sound really good!
There is this one that seems to have a little of everything Bella Dia.
Now to the sewing sites, I live this one Comfy & Cosy it's cute.
The little girl on this site looks like Maxine - she's so cute. Mi.
A little of everything at My art is my outlet. She does a lot there that I really like.

(somewhere in my wanderings on line)
9-ish - Phone rings - Friend "So, you in labor?" Me already bored with this conversation "Yup, can I call you back?" Friend "OMG, Really??" Me "Hell, no, Why would I answer my phone to talk to anyone if I were in labor" Friend - Laughs a little "I was wondering if I really did catch you, I was thinking OH Shit Where's Bob?" Random conversation after that ends in a few moments.
9-ish again Phone rings - Melissa - "Well? What did the Dr say?" Me "Said no dice, we are still waiting, 24th is End game, go in for Induction finally, not so happy but oh well, at least theres a date" Melissa "What the hell is his deal, he does not even need to Fing be there until she's about to come out, who does he think he is, this is a buncha crap, I would be so pissed if I were uou, you should call them and you know what you should..." Me cutting her off "This is SO NOT HELPING!" Melissa "Sorry, I know, I am pissed about this, call me later"
10ish - phone - Neighbor - "Why are you at home" (Thinking in my head.. Stop answering the phone) Me "Because I live here, Why are you not at home (knowing the answer)" neighbor "We are babysitting, my brother took the baby to the Dr, but seriously, why are you at home, you were suppose to be induced yesterday." Me "No, I was not, I said he only induces on Mondays, you decided that was my date, it was never agreed by the Dr." Neighbor "Well, I guess you have to wait till the 27th now. She needs a 7 in her birthday" Me "Ya, cuz this should be all about you and your comfort level now, who really cares about me" Neighbor "well, my phone isn't working so well here(she's out of town) so I wanted to call and make sure you didn't have her" Me "I mean it's not like I get 15 calls a day asking about going into labor. I don't get it, do you really think that we would not leave a message? Do you think I would not call? I don't understand why people think I am treating this like buying a purse and I am just not going to tell anyone. I Promise I will call you but give me the benefit of the doubt that you mean enough to me that I would tell you!" (Me super frustrated by this point) random chatter for a few about her trip and who all they got to see, I am feeling really guilty and like a big bitch by now. Her uncle shows up and she had to go. Within this time I have missed at least 3 other calls.
Call one missed and called back -
Call 1- Patti - "Hello" Me"Hi-a, my phone won't stop ringing" Patti - "Well what did the Dr say?" Me - telling her the same thing I told everyone else so far - Patti "Oh, I bet. Gets frustrating doesn't it, I can remember being pregnant with Erin and your lucky enough that they won't let you go a month over like I did, once Peggy had Arica and I still had not had Erin I just cried and cried" Me- "Ya, I can see that, and these extra days are enough for me" -- Conversation changes we talk about a million different things. - Her boss calls, - she'll call me back
Call 2 - Cousin - "Hello" Me "Hi and don't even ask, I am so sick and tired of answering the same question and feeling like people don't believe3 me that I would call if I went into fucking labor! I really do want to talk to people but I can't answer the same questions over and over and over without wondering what kind of person they think I am" cousin - "um well, I" Me "Sorry, I am a big bitch today and just frustrated with the calls, I am fine, I am home and no there is no baby here that I am hiding from the world" Cousin - "Well, let me tell you about my day (FINALLY! Thank God, a conversation!)..." and we talked for a while.
Call 3 - Chad - "Hello" Me "Hi, at home, not doing a whole lot, ... tell him what the DR says, but all is well" Chad "Well, that's good and Monday's not too far off" Me" I feel bad, tell him what I said to other neighbor" Chad - laughs a little "Ya, I am glad you women do this part, so let me know what you want for dinner after she's here (Chad is a great cook, we are so thankful to have them as neighbors) Me "Hmm (tearing up a little, this is the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day) I just don't know, I am in pregnancy mode and can't think of what I really want. " Chad "Well, think about it, were here if you need us" Me "Well, I talked to Kim the other day and your daughter seems to have the best outlook on this. She said if the car is gone for along time, we are at the hospital, (laugh a little) but just so you know, Bob had your numbers in his cell phone now so your on the cal list. Unfortunately for you, your one of the few in the neighborhood so you can keep getting those calls from the others" Chad "It's the least we can do, Welp (if Kim reads this she'll laugh at that part) Welp, I gotta get going, (he was doing something but I can't remember now what it was) keep is in the loop!" Me "Will do and thanks!" (Finally feeling better, feeling even more guilty about neighbor talk, I just don't understand why of all people she would think I just would not call, my feelings are hurt and I am feeling bad that I hurt hers.

Holey Cow - It's already 11:30 - I am hurting from sitting here, I can't believe today I made it this long.
11:35- Lay down for a bit.
1:00 - Wake up, didn't mean to sleep that long but I feel better.
1:05 - Should have dried my hair, now trying to fix it so I don't look like some crazy bag lady.
1:15 - Lunch - Bob and I went to the grocery store together last night, not usually a good thing, we spend more when he's there. But, I did get brownschweiger (sp?) and so I had a sandwich with havarti (sp again) cheese, it was good, normaly I eat brownschweiger on white bread with nothing on it, unless I am at Leroys and I can get crispy lettuce and good tomatos. I have gotten Bob to actually like Pepperidge farm bread, we get the 9 grain. I am normally not the type of person to try to sell people on bread but I have done a lot of looking and this is one of the few that does not use High Fructose Corn syrup in their bread. Not only does it taste better but it is better for you and less sugar in your day, how can you fight that? I also had some chips and dip with my sandwich. Hmmm, baby not moving so much. Sit on the couch, lean back and relax to get her going.
1:45 - still not a whole lot going on down there.... Hello!!!??
1:50- Break out the nectarine. Cut one up and grab the rest of the strawberries, if nothing else will get her going, this will. A little movement, not a lot, lay back and move my belly around a bit. "Hello! If your running out of room theres' more out here!" WHACK! Big kick, I think that means shut up and get me an orange! Sigh a little and lay back to see how many kicks I can get.

Dr says 10 a day now, not 2 times a day, she's running out or room. (Well, HELLO, my skin is about to rip off from the center. I feel like a turkey, my belly looks like the thanksgiving turkey, skin all shiny and looks like one false move and it's going to peel back.

3:00 - Must have fallen asleep, I got about 5 to 6 kicks before I did so I do feel better. I need to get moving, I was planning to go to the mall, I have to do a little running but really , I have no mall wear to get me there. I guess it's the same ol pants not so much a surprise these days that I am wearing the same thing. I am running out of shirts, I feel like one of those old men at the baseball game, holding on to their youth but not holding in the edge of the belly. I have few shirts that are long enough, I am walking around with my hand at the bottom of my shirt, holding it down. What a dork!

3:15 - Go upstairs to find a shirt to wear that won't make me look like crap, thankfully everything I own is in a laundry basket and wrinkled to death! Ok, one shirt, nice, plain, blue, big I can go with this.

3:30 - Not feeling so hot all of a sudden. (don't get your hopes up, its a boring ending) Pain , feels like a contraction? Ya... kind of does, but this is a little different, hurts more, hmm.. Maybe I will sit down for a while.
3:40 0-Finally sit down, after turning on disc two of House Season 1 - I should at least have something to do.
3:44 - Contraction - Hurts a little, makes me wonder, should I get a clock with a second hand? All I have is my cell phone.
Head up stairs to find my watch...Ouch every once in a while. One actually stopped me from walking... Hmmmm
4:20 back to House, can't find the stupid watch, I will just count - I should be looking for 40 seconds to a minute from what I remember
4:24 - Contraction - yup, still hurts, not the same hurt as before, seems strange for some reason.
4:34 - Yup, seem about 10 min apart
4:45 - Bob's home from work, having a contraction as he walks in the door. I tell him I am not feeling well. He looks at me funny and sits on the other couch.
5:15 - Phone Rings - It's too far to reach and Bob's asleep - Let it ring...
5:30 - Phone Rings again - Mom- "Hi, I didn't call earlier, I got wrapped up in a movie" Me "hope it was a good one" Random talking -- 5:34 contraction, thankfully she's talking... Bob's awake now and looking at me expecting me to say if I am ok or not. It's not taking my breath away, Dang, why won't these get stronger! -- Keep chatting for a few, tell her I am going to the store soon and I have stuff for her friends Garage sale.
Pretty consistent contractions every 10 minutes apart for 2 hours.. Hmm.. makes me wonder more.. Get another glass of water and walk around the kitchen, not hurting so bad anymore. Shit! Bob looks at me again.. Well, what do you want to do? I am leaving... I need to walk.
7 ish - I give up and go to Walmart, F-it I need to walk around. I get up and go, get there, park mid way in the lot and grab a cart and walk in. I go to the fabric department ( I had to go to the further one, the close one no longer has fabric BOOO On Walmart!) and get filler, I need some so I can finish blankets. Oh, theres Bias tape on clearance, nice! Grab some, because you can never have too much and I have not mastered my Bias Tape Maker yet. It's just not the time for me to mess with it these days. Walk around look at fabric, look at knitting supplies, I just cant' do it, I can't bring myself to knit, crochet or any of that. Feeling defeated, I wonder randomly for about an hour, they no longer hurt, seem to be 12 minutes, 5 minutes, uggg.
8:30 - on my way home. There are cops everywhere, I call Bob "Hey, I had the baby at Walmart, can you come pick us up? me and the baby" Bob "You and that stupid movie" I laugh, he hates all those movies.. cracked me up.. He also asked if I had my house shoes..

8:45 - No more consistent Contractions - Shit! Hmmm, Can't remember the lat time she moved
9:00 - I get on line and Bob's finally relaxing and watching TV. Start typing in my blog and go crazy - This is too long.. I miss having conversations like a normal person.. Who talks about their day like this? Drinking a big glass of water, waiting for her to kick, she does that when I drink something really cold or have too much ice water.
Bob says - If you ate peeps and made me eat them, I would kick you.. Yup.. she kicked right in my ribs, Hard!! I am no longer sure she's really my kid. Maybe it's because they are not stale yet!
10:00 Don't tell my mom-- I got some peeps,, I figure if nothing else works this may, she's still not moving, Peeps are pure sugar, they should get her going.
A Few Peep Shows
Washington Post
Galary Photos
One I really like a lot

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You are too funny. I love to read your rantings.