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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who needs it...

Everyone is going low carb these days, who needs it right? I agree but I am weak, and I need to be stronger but it's just so easy. It's so easy to have to run to work, run to the sitter, run home, make dinner have time for family, bath, bed and me?
Who am I kidding. By the time I get the baby to bed at night I am exhausted.. so bad that I end up trying to figure out 1 thing to do a night so I don't get backed up over the weekends. I then overload myself and end up with a migraine and can't seem to function for a day (or so).
This weekend is going to be rough but thankfully long. We have a birthday party on Saturday afternoon which requires a hell of a drive! Daddy is going out so we are leaving him out by the birthday party and driving home alone, to then do dinner, bath and bed.. Hoping not to follow by exhaustion. I want to get up Saturday morning and go join the gym to join and work out. It's January and that makes me leery of signing up now, I hate crowds but need to get on a schedule. Once I start, things will get easier! right? sigh.......
So, back to the carbs, I am trying to beat it again, it's just those first two weeks that kick my butt. This is the "you can't have anything but,.... nope, you can't have anything" so it's the one that kills me. I try to knock out coffee because the coffee at work really sucks and the S place is over rated and expensive. I can make it @ home but we have one of those fancy coffee makers that grinds the beans, great if you are home, watching the sun rise and enjoying being at home. If not, you are making coffee, running late, getting dressed, fixing hair (2 peoples) and then trying to get dressed (morning workouts are now a joke) and leaving so you can get to work by --- um SEVEN AM - that's after a 45 min to hour drive.. Yes, leaving @ six am! (no invites required, yes this is my pitty party)
So, long story short, I am South Beaching it, again. . . . and again.. .. ... and so on. Post two to three week starting point, once I am feeling better, I'll start back up with brown rice and sweet potatoes and go from there, possible brown bread on rare occasion. Lots of veggies, and bringing back apples. they are my favorite evening snack. Alton Brown is talking me into smoothies for Breakfast but I've been having really good luck with Egg whites these days, I think I am going to start getting some of those frozen green giant veggie mixes to make to go with them. I had a turkey sandwich from the gas station today, half for breakfast, half for lunch, it was fantastic. YUM! I didn't eat much else and was starving by the time I should eat tonight and ate everything not biting me first! I also need to work on a good afternoon snack, I like the nut mixes or packs but it's just not enough, I hate celery so that's just not going to happen, I like the cottage cheese but that's something I need cold and with either sweetener or fruit to eat. Non Carb, easy to eat afternoon snack? Peanut Butter, I know the SB does not strongly support it but I have a nice size spoon full, no sugar added Skippy natural, yum! My fav! I would have hummus but it's so gross. Pickles? Ya, gross too!
Either or, that is my plan. More tuna, more chicken (canned, frozen and grilled), salmon, and fresh/frozen veggies.
speaking of healthy..... more sleep..... it's after 10 so I am getting done here and going to bed.....

Can someone remind me I need freezer bags? Thanks, we've been out for weeks!

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Susie said...

Good luck on your plan. I got back on the wagon too and I am down 4 pounds!! (2lbs/week:-)