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Monday, January 18, 2010

Max, Ruby, Gabba, Beyu, and who knows what else.

All of a sudden the words are just SPILLING out of T's mouth. In the past week, she called Grandma "Geemauw", shes singing the theme songs to all her shows, including Max and Ruby, (Ruby and Max), Beyu's Ceyu's (Blue's Clues), singing when I sing Twinkle Twinkle, she'll sing Wiggle Wiggle (skipping little star) and then goes right into "I know what you are". She's cocky like that apparently.

We are getting a lot of "I know!" Which I can only assume is coming from one of the kids at the sitter because it's doubtful that its coming from Bob or I. A lot of breakdowns and "Oh NO!!" which just makes it insane to be mad sometimes when you know she's just so upset about it not working her way, then there are the beginning's of time outs for the throwing of things when she's beyond the frustration point.

There is so much more new and good that I can't believe it. She's got a firm grasp on when and what No is and even tends to tell on herself when she knows she doing something wrong and while doing it will say "NO!" "ohhhh, NO!" "No, No"... so this is good all in all.

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Susie said...

That is fantastic! What a fun time as a parent:-)