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Monday, September 28, 2009

So I thought I was cool?

So, I thought I was cool with the few sites I listed below. I am so not cool. Lolly is making PIE in a JAR!!!
You know why this happened, right?? It's because I gave all my jars to my mother (cough cough, three years ago) and they sat in her basement right,, ya, so now they've found a place for them and things to do with them and BAM! look at what I could have done!!!

PIE Link to Lolly

and I am loving

Our Best Bites

Who worked with Lolly, I am sure like the fantastic pie making 4 and made all this super cool stuff that I look at and think I can make all the time, but I am so gonna make these and put them in my mom's freezer for her hotel guests during Thanksgiving :D

and if I were 5 I would say"Dear God, thank you for pie in a jar" (and this recipe) (and maybe this one too) and ma and pa, and John boy.

Disclaimer, I heard this joke on the radio and it was horrible, and off color and some may call it flat out mean and just too soon but I can't help it, it makes me laugh every time I think of it.

Did you hear that Patrick Swayze was going to be a guest on the view all week? The only thing is, Whoopie will be the only one that can see him.

Ba dum bump!
Seriously, he would laugh at that one too..

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Susie said...

I have hear of cookies and brownies in a jar but never pie! That IS cool:-)