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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hey there! Tupperware....

So I decided I was going to make some money and sell some Tupperware before Christmas so I could get super gifts, some of which will be funded by Tupperware, some will be funded AS Tupperware.Click the picture -- that's my website!
Tupperware has an empanada maker in their current flyer, so today I've been looking for recipes so I can showcase it. My thought is, you don't really need this machine from a lot of these recipes and as I've been taught you can pinch the edges with a fork just the same but I have this really cool tool, so why would I NOT try it..
like these.


Squidoo's got a few.. million

Pie master gives descriptions of everything they are called!!!

Breakfast Empe's

Weight watchers version

Food Network calls them Turnovers

Cherry cookie turnovers (I made these with banana and nutella)

Quick turnovers from Comstock (no idea)

These Raspberry Goat cheese and almond Empanada's look AMAZING

and the be all end all of sites is the big DownUnder turnover recipes

now the best

loook at this pie!! I love it !!!

forget the scones, look at this amazing salad!


LollyChops said...

Hey sweet friend!

Can you share a pic of the tupperware empanada maker??? Man I wish you lived close... can I order some stuff from you anyway???? I don't know ANYONE who sells tupperware and I love the stuff!

Susie said...

Good luck to you on your new business venture:-)