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Saturday, October 3, 2009

City Wide Garage Sale

Today was our citywide garage sale. I love it... I love it every year twice a year when it's here. I love the idea of a bargain, and hunting for that bargain, I used to have a partner but shes not been around so I now go alone. Going alone has some great factors, 1. no sharing :) 2. being able to leave when you want, 3. listening to whatever I want on the radio These are not all bonus items that I really need, but all in all, it's a good time.
I did find some great deals, I didn't get my bagel, I got coffee from starbucks and a pumpkin scone, it was AWESOMEEEE... I am more and more disappointed in Starbucks these days, I can't stand it.
Either or, I got some of the greatest deals before I even left my street.
Unfortunately, my camera is dead so I am going to try to find photo's online to show you. I don't have the vanity above, I have one way older but I can't find a photo of it, but the seat is close to the base of the one above and it's all attached as one. The second thing I got was the baby carrier, but ours is yellow not pink.
So, this is before I even left the subdivision. The most fun for me right now is trying to find a picture of the next item I found without laughing so hard at the other photos I am finding.
We got a cabbage patch kid. Shes normal, brown hair red and blue outfit. Cute... got a few other things.
I wondered around and changed things up a bit on my normal route, so I went to afew horrible sales and then gave up and saw a guy with bikes piled up all over his truck and some toys and furnature and so I walked up and asked him how much this was

I love this truck and it came home as a huge hit!! It was only $10 and a pack of almonds :) that was a bonus, he probably got it for less which is great for him but ten dollars is a great deal all on it's own. I got some other things but here's the excitement of the day..

I love garage sales.......


Susie said...

Wow! Awesome score!

PorkStar said...

I would have loved one of those trucks... maybe i still do, since I never had one when i was a pup, i could still enjoy it just as much... 30 years later, sure, why not?

Hippie Family... said...

it was a good time, I got other stuff too but that was the good stuff :)