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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Now more Teachers, now more books..

Yup, school days are back and so am I. I am sure I've lost most of my reader base but oh well, time for new things, new learning and new friends. A new class I am sure. So, in honor of school, lets talk first assignment.

What I did over my summer vacation:
What I did over my summer vacation was nothing too exciting or even that adventuresome but it was still a good time. We started off the summer (with my below change in meds) and a lot of sleep, seemed we were all sleeping well, the summer didn't start off with a bang but I was getting my energy back in small doses and feeling better more than less. We did some around the house, not a lot, not enough. Which is ok. This is the year we've decided what we are doing next year for the yard. I love blueberry bushes and T loves blueberries, so we are getting 2. I hear you need two so what the hell. We are also starting a / 2 sections of the front yard for flowers bushes and what not. This is for me, because I want them, and for him "so I don't have to mow so much or trim there any more" so it works out well. Not sure about mulch or rock, I am assuming mulch, so the lawn mower does not eat the rocks nor the kids on the street.

July hit quickly, we traveled to OhiO to visit the Bucks - fans - and fam's. It was a good time, Miss T was baptised on Easter of this year, in a small ceremony at my church, where I was baptised. It was nice, small, quiet, I got out of other holiday events, eggs, dog poop, parks, mud etc. Nicer. Back to the Bucks. We went to visit the Hilliard's to dunk a few more kids, that was nice too. The church was so pretty, the company divine, the food great as usual, and started our own tradition of make your own pizza night here, that we are actually starting full force next week with new crust! WOW! WOW! WOW! They did it all up nice and cheep and easy, all of which do not typically go together. Mushrooms, sauteed onion, hamburger, tomato's, roasted peppers, cheese, flat bread crust hand rolled by the (HA) pizza master himself, (that didn't use enough corn flour to keep them from sticking, ahem) but still good dinner, good time.

August started off with a bang, then a lot of rain, rain rain. I got picked for a research study for the Y.M.C.A. and off I went to a three week exercise training, to get me back in gear for this winter, that's when I'll take all this nasty weight off. Makes me sick that I look like this right now, so I have to remember that every time I get weak. I wish I had a better reason for all of this happening, but I don't and I will remember it later, just like smoking, just like all the rest. Learning from my mistakes, at least this one does not have a leather jacket or a motorcycle!

Tomorrow is over, my study ends on the 6th. I of course will not be providing results but will say I feel better ,I am alert and awake and that is for sure good. I also started selling Tupperware. HEY THERE, TUPPERWARE! So, if you are looking, and or looking for a hostess let me know :D. My hope is to save up enough to get a playhouse for the basement, I loved having a special place for me to play as a kid. I think we need that, and turn the living room back into a living room.
Either or, I've had 2 parties, one was a party all on her own, which was great for me, and the second was a book show for everyone @ work. Good deal too. This coming Friday I have my first REAL show. I am excited and nervous all at once. Thankfully I know the people and the deals so I am in good shape. She needs to sell $550 to other people to get this insane amount of stuff for her new place. (with a 1 year old just months older than mine) So this should be good times.
With the fall comes the new school year, Miss T goes to private care and there was another family that did drop off earlier than us and have 2, a boy and a girl. Their girl is one of Ts BFF's and the older boy was T's hang out cartoon buddy in the morning. Mr. Cars' started school this year, so he's been gone, starting this past Tuesday. T will now walk in the door, run to the living room, look for Mr. Cars and then walk out, head hanging down, sigh and come to me to hide behind my leg. Sad. She misses him so much. It's so sad. The first disappointment that we have to deal with, shes doing better everyday. There are two other kids leaving the sitter soon, I can't say I am sad, I think these things happen for a reason, but the sitter got a new 6 month old boy. I am so excited, not that I cared if T was the youngest there, but I am glad she gets to be around a smaller baby. This is a great learning event for her, seeing bottles and feedings from the other side of the fence. This will be the time where she figures out how much she likes babies. She's not picked hers up more this week, but we shall see!
Ok, I am hoping to blog 1 time per week going forward. any more is bonus or me being chatty, any less is me being on FB too much.
Missed you. ChaWW!

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