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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tid's and Bit's -- just a quick update from here

We are heading off to Ohi-(o) next month, our first family vacation. I am worried, not about the trip, or even the cost of gas (in no way am I looking forward to that either) but about taking a 15/16 month old out of her routine and into a 7+ hour drive for a weekend. I am praying all goes well, sending off positive energy out to the universe and offering up sacrifices of toys to the toddler gods to get us there and back with the least amount of fits. We've borrowed a travel DVD player, was gifted two Video Now Jr's, with multiple dvd's to go with it (thankfully, because they don't sell them anymore) and I've purchased enough Juicy Juice to, to, to.. whatever you do with fruit juice... I expect we are going to Bob Evans for lunch, i.e. $2.50 kids meals that will feed 3 meals or more.

In other news,
I want to make this blanket anyone have any patterns for baby doll clothes? I need to start making some, ours is naked, and we've started the taking off our clothes phase so this may be a good time.

Meds are going well. I like the new stuff, I'll have more of an update on that soon, I was giving myself time to make sure I am on the right track and see how things are going. (p.s. lost almost 10 lbs now)
Reading - Holly's Inbox, it's really funny, really easy read. I am going to need something else for the Drive to Ohio... suggestions?
Watching - Trueblood, was going to start the books but there are FOURTY EIGHT reserves @ the library, anyone who knows me, knows,,, I have ,, ahem, (constant late charges) always donated to the Library.
Eating - tons of fruit, I just found a great little market down the street, open on saturdays and now they have a man that brings in home ground full grain bread that he makes himself, the neighbors got some last weekend and loved it. I am going to get some sometime soon.

Miss T-
Doing great, she's walking, getting a bit of an attitude, FREAKING out about things not going her way, does this mean she's spoiled? I don't want a spoiled kid, but at the same time, I don't want her to think that she can't ask for help, if this is her way of asking until she can say the words. She's also saying more - Ca' = ball, DA - meaning anything from COME HERE PLEASE to where is my other person that lives here, my husband of course states "it ALWAYS means DADDY" - we've been getting a lot more kisses, who am I to argue, I love it, I hate that it will stop. ever...

fine, we went to Dave Matthews, it was great. It was our first actual DATE date from the time we had Miss T.

Work is work... still there, thankfully... My week off didn't feel like time off. I didn't get anything done, I think I may have ADD, I lose myself in whatever is in front of me.

that's about it for now, I feel I've lost my readers, but if your still here, shout a bit. ok? thanks


Susie said...

Thanks for the update. It sounds like you are doing well:-)

Lindsay said...

That blanket looks like so much fun to make!

Ahh, Ohio. My in-laws are from there. We live a good 10 hours away, and we always split the trip into two days to make it more tolerable for everyone. Livers is a good traveler though. Many good wishes for a good trip headed your way.

You remind me that I really need to buy more fruit from produce stands. They are always so yummy.

Melissa and LOla said...

i'm still here! We need to chat more....