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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A lot of a little - 2-

I need New Music!!! HELP!! LEAVE A COMMENT.. Please, I beg, my I-tunes begs more!!!


Melissa B. said...

James Taylor's cover CD of old songs is pretty sweet. I got it for Christmas!

Crystal said...

James Taylor is pretty sweet. What kind of stuff do you usually listen to? What are some song in your playlist?

Auntie Lisa said...

I sent you an invite to try emusic. It's cheap and they give you 50 new songs when you sign up (plus I get 50 too if you link up from my email, but that's beside the point :).

They have lots of indie label bands - i.e. your husband might really like it - but also include things like the James Taylor covers album, which I have to agree I really like.

I can suggest lots of ones to try (like some of the things on the recent cd I gave you). It takes some time because they don't have most of the true top-40 stuff, but there's lots of good in there. Then you can recommend all your other friends and get 50 more free songs for each of them that sign up.

Lindsay said...

I'm in the same boat. I need some new music STAT! Let me know what kind of stuff you listen to and I'll suggest some stuff. It might not be current but I'll try!

iknewit! said...

this is the first time i've ever blogged. i'm given a forced experimentation by a class i'm taking. i'm a hippie mom too! i don't know whatchoo like, but my big fave is sinatra--you'll always get happy when you hear sinatra! but for more contemporary stuff--michael franti and spearhead (hip hop politico); jack johnson (folksy surfer sentimental); dag (soulful groove--yeah baby!); and get this.. try a michael jackson or prince and the new revolution flashback! i be gettin' down to some a dat on my brandnew mp3. gawd, i got technological all of a sudden!