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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A lot of a little - 1-

I have been running myself ragged these days trying to finish this and that and laundry, sewing, cleaning, cooking, sleeping, working and whatever else comes our way. I.E. Swim lessons, basketball games, wrestling, cleaning bathrooms, an overwhelming amount of dishes, etc, etc, etc.

So, this week is going to be a lot of little catching up.. a note here a note there.. maybe even a few pictures...

I got my birds started. they are based of a Japanese cartoon I saw.. there cute but somethings missing, I think.

I have my towels done for my Ohio order, I need to get them shipped this week. I am so Glad!!!

i need to finish one more quilt to have my Grandma's quilts done for this Christmas. I guess I will do one for my MIL next year? Who knows... thoughts?

I caught up with a high school friend on FB and now am somewhat addicted again. I look for updates too often.. if I need another addiction

I've started back up on the treadmill, I am going for 4 times a week 30 min per time... uhhhgggg..

anything else?


Susie said...

I started working out again this week. 30 minute walk M-F. Good luck on yours!! Maybe we can keep each other going:-)

MuseSwings said...

No, nothing else, I think you have enough going on right now! I started thinking about maybe working out. Again.